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  1. I won't say anymore. I have a problem when people are called dumb. I think it point to another problem that has nothing to do with Cam Newton.
  2. Well, he is dumb enough to be a multi-millionaire. I see nothing dumb about him but since you bring it up, I never thought Farve was a mental giant either. You are spoiled by having two of the smartest QBs ever in the league taking up residence in Indy....
  3. I think it is Cam that will set most of the records for QBs in the NFL. He is bigger and stronger that the other QBs and almost as fast as RGIII. If I had the choice between Luck and all of the others, I would take Cam Newton and that isn't meant as a putdown to any of the others.
  4. Well, you don't have to worry. Not one of those teams would trade their QB for Andrew Luck..... Now if you threw in a number one draft pick..... nah, they wouldn't do that either.
  5. I know he is not available and none of the players I would trade him for are available either. Here is a list of players I would trade for Luck. Aaron Rogers, Cam Newton, RGIII, Wilson and Matt Ryan. I left off the old guys who are a lot better but only have a short time left. I would be tempted by Stafford too but I wouldn't do it.
  6. I don't disagree with that but I just don't think Luck will be anywhere close to what Manning has been his whole career. That is my opinion that I value highly. Now at the end of this year or next year, one of us will be coming back here to say, "I was wrong." I'm betting it won't be me.....
  7. Just read a little bit here. People expect the best QB season in history from him. People started holding up signs that said "Suck for Luck" at midseason. For a QB who was not the Heisman Trophy winner and didn't win a national championship he was the most hyped player in NFL history. If that is your point that I am saying "overhyped" as opposed to "hyped", I think that is a matter of interpretation. I think it is a fact that he was the most hyped player coming into the NFL ever... If you disagree, well, read some articles around that time....
  8. So not being a Luck fan = Troll? If that is the case, there are more trolls than you imagine.
  9. The fact that he is the most overhyped player in NFL history is not an opinion, it is a fact. He may live up to all of that hype but I rather doubt that anyone can and he certainly won't.
  10. I see that you are con I see that you are convinced. Did you even see Manning's rookie year? I did. He never underthrew receivers on long routes like Luck routinely does. He didn't consistently throw behind receivers on short routes but Luck did. Manning was much better as a rookie at reading defenses. Yes, Luck won more games. With a few breaks, that season is 5-11 instead of 11-5. He won't be as Lucky this year (pardon the pun). He may be a great QB in time but I don't think he will ever catch up with RGIII, Wilson or Cam Newton for that matter. I think Newton will post numbers for a ca
  11. Mathis and Wayne are getting old. Note that I said something that would improve the team. That doesn't mean giving anyone away. You have to trade something to get something. I wouldn't trade Ballard or Davis unless it was a great package and the Colts really fleeced someone.
  12. I don't see what you see in his rookie numbers. The fact is that Luck is the most overhyped player in NFL history and you can see posts on this site that predict that he will have the greatest QB year in NFL history this year beating records for TDs, yards and completion percentage. I don't see anything close to that but even Peyton Manning would not be able to live up to the expectations people have for luck. I see Las Vegas and other experts predict that the Colts will not make the playoffs. I wonder if people will come down to earth a bit if that happens. I doubt it. They will just make exc
  13. I would make any trade that would improve the Colts for the long run. That includes every player on the roster. Every player!!!!
  14. Just read the posts here. Several people are predicting that he will have the greatest season in NFL history. I don't think he will come close to that. But I am not allowed to say much about it without having a moderator all over my behind. I think he is very good. He may even be great someday but he isn't right now. That is all that I think about the subject.
  15. I try to be polite even when others are not. I am not an Andrew Luck fan but I guess that isn't permitted unless you never mention it. I am sorry if that offends you.
  16. I don't know what you are talking about. If I say anything less than Andrew Luck is the greatest QB in NFL history, people start posting this in a response to me. I thought it was automatic when someone considers Luck something short of being a god? Am I wrong?
  17. He has won one and been to another one. Luck has never won anything other than some regular season games. The result last year was one and done. Luck couldn't even beat RGIII for the Heisman Trophy or the Rookie of the Year award. RGIII will beat him to the Super Bowl and an MVP and Wilson might just do that too....
  18. Absolutely. We know Peyton can get there and he is on a good team. We have no idea if Luck can get there or not. That doesn't mean that he won't but I would bet against it. Check how many years the Colts went before Peyton took them to a Super Bowl. You have that long of a wait again.
  19. No, but there better some big changes in the coming three years or the Colts had a bust draft. I already think that is true but logically I know you need to give two or three years to see what really happens.
  20. I think I have made is quite clear that I already think the Colts made a big mistake.
  21. Not tough at all. I root for Luck not against him. But I don't but super unrealistic goals for him either. He is a second year player. Just as many or more second year players step backwards as go forward. I am waiting to see what he does.
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