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  1. Lets not forget the pass rush has been very mediocre to bad all year. I think the Colts were 27th in team sacks this year. Corners are going to get exposed when the quarterback has all day to throw, which was the case in several games. I really like Vontae and would be fine with him as the #1 corner going forward, but i think its crucial we bring in someone better to play on the other side of him. Probably wont happen though I doubt they cut Toler after one year.
  2. We were talking alternates. Apparently the 2 alternates are both NFC qbs
  3. Yea i just remembered its being played different this year. Thats crazy i feel like it should still be voted the same way as it always has been
  4. But im not sure if that even matters anymore now that its played like a pick up game
  5. Im suprised they didnt photoshop him out of his Colts uniform and have him in just a plain #12 jersey like Eli Manning in the Citizen commercials.
  6. But looking at it that way, why would KC be more likely than us to make a run in the playoffs? We just steamrolled them AT HOME and have lost like 4 of their last 5. The bengals were just beat down by the Steelers and "technically" only beat us by 7 at home if you disregard the bogus TD on 4th and goal. Honestly the only games i think we played terribly for 4 quarters are the Rams and Cardinals games, and both of those teams have been playing great. I think we have just as good of a shot at making the Super Bowl than anyone in the AFC.
  7. Exactly! Its just so annoying. It bothers me because its nice to be able to listen to what people who arent complete Colts homers have to say about them. Yet it never happens. It just seems like such a slap in the face to be the only one of five teams who didnt get a highlight, like they dont even consider us a playoff team. I just want to be recognized as the great team that we are. This might not be the best example but i think of it as having a son or family member who is fantastic at their sport yet they never get recognized in the paper bc they go to a "small" school. Eventually youre lik
  8. i looked it up. November 26 isnt "months" ago lol. We've been putting so many players on IR i feel like i cant keep track
  9. This may seem silly, but i was just watching SportsCenter and they were about to do a segment on the final AFC playoff spot. In the open for it they showed highlights of all the other AFC playoff teams that were already in besides us! And the Chiefs highlight was Charles' TD run against us last week! Man its like they go out of their way to disrespect us or write us off. I know its not a big deal but COME ON MAN!
  10. is Howell on IR? i cant remember. Ive been curious to see how he and Landry play together since Bethea is a FA next year
  11. Im curious as to what happened to our beloved Texans fans that have been VERY active members these past few years? They've been rather quiet this year!
  12. Torrey Smith was actually the first guy who popped into my head when i started thinking of #1 guys i think Da'Rick could be as good as if not better than if he reaches his potential. You really dont think Rogers could be as good as him? Could you give me an example of a specific #2 guy who you think his ceiling would be? I cant really think of any that have his physical tools. Im not gonna go off and proclaim him a perennial pro bowler like some of the others but i really like what ive seen out of him so far.
  13. Is it too early to order a #16 jersey?? JK..(or am i?)
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