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  1. agreed, its amazing. Why pass on someone who can come in and contribute and instantly make the RB coral better? Too many diehard brown supporters. Its ok to let go of the Polian era, its over... Its much nicer once you do.
  2. thomas before manning.... 238yd 2 td (2010) 551 4 td (2011) thomas with manning..... 1434 10 td(2012)
  3. I love how ppl keep questioning DHB's potential, if you watch any game film on him when Palmer was tossing him the ball the kid has major talent and a very high potential in INDY. Luck is very accurate and can litterally thread the ball into the most narrow windows, something DHB has never had. Im calling it 1300+ and 12 tds at least this year, and hopefull a new and longer contract with us!
  4. Of course Luck won't. RG1 leg was/is all the media could talk about, outside of tebow and the jets (cue elton john). Everyone acts like this is the first scrambling, flashy quaterback there has ever been. I'm sure every one remembers his Gatorade commercials talkng about him being a champion before he ever played a snap in the NFL.... It's just ESPN hype that will eventually die off.
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