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  1. God I hope this is NOT true, such a high yesterday with the news...
  2. REALLY looking forward to seeing him on our field... Great news GO COLTS...
  3. Not necessarily true, he has what 6 TD's in 5 years? 2 Years without a TD All I am saying is if this is the level of talent we're going to rely on to "make" the team, it's going to be a long year for us
  4. My point being we're bringing in Camp guys as potential starters now? We're in real trouble at WR if this is the level of talent we're grabbing... IMHO I sure hope we can get some young talent in the draft
  5. Yawn... He's not really burned it up in his 5 years, camp body
  6. You could not measure my level of stoked right now... PLEASE let this be true...
  7. Pretty stoked about this draft, this season is going to be a LOT of fun to watch unfold...
  8. Implosion complete... We're going to be Lucky if Luck decides to stay in town, in my mind shut him down. With this staff, LOL WHO KNOWS Prepare to eject coaching staff, strap the GM to the nose of the ship please. We'll let him ride outside the nose of the transport vehicle... 3....2....1....
  9. Between Toler and Butler it is a tie who I'm MOST frustrated with on this Defense, seems like either of them get burnt a LOT
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