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  1. Hoping Phillip Campbell, I mean Parris Dorsett, gets back on the field soon.
  2. Tossing it at a playmaker like Mathieu and expecting your LT to be quick enough to get out and block him is a bad play call, as realized with the outcome.
  3. A run up the middle is never going to lose you 8 yards and they had not stopped it all night. It was ill-advised , regardless of the outcome. Seahawks/Pats Super Bowl bad.
  4. Keep in mind, our WRs suck after TY. Ebron thinks he's a Lion again. Doyle is a great target but not separating from anyone. Our supposed "strength" at WR was false and losing Funchess made that obvious.
  5. For a first you can have all 3. Hines isn't worth much more than diddly poo.
  6. Is going to a bar or Sunday ticket out of the question? There are plenty of resources to watch games live in South Florida.
  7. That's typically how a pass works.
  8. It was a dime, but JB did not "throw Campbell open." Campbell blew the doors off the CB and was wide * open. JB better not have screwed that up.
  9. One player is prime of his career (rookie contract, even) in one of the most valuable positions, and one is not. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a much better comp. Did he get traded for a 3 and a 5?
  10. Not even close to the same thing.
  11. Turay was PFFs highest rated player in the league. Mack #2 RB. Brissett was #10 QB with 78.6 TY #9 WR 84.7 Nelson #6 OG. Glow #8 Ant #9 OT Hooker #7 Safety Houston 16 EDGE 78.9 Leonard #55 LB 51.7. Seems fair, he looked rough.
  12. I love these breakdowns. I look forward to them every week. With that said, can someone teach Baldy how to use a screen capture program? I'm getting sea sick watching his handheld potato quality clips.
  13. In the first half he had a lot of poor runs. Missed holes, missed cuts, * footing to the hole, running into back of guys. The second half the line started to dominate and Mack started to hit the hole. A tail of 2 halves for sure. Need more of the 2nd half stuff, please. Mack still frustrates me at times but he clearly has the ability when the blocking is there.
  14. Dline did not slant/penetrate successfully vs the run and linebackers were not filling gaps well at all. Terrible gap discipline. Terrible tackling. Defense got bullied. Austin Ekeler is not good and we made him look like a god. That being said, I'm pretty happy with the offense. I thought we got too cute or conservative and/or predictable at times. But overall, quite happy offensively.
  15. Fairly sure those stats were over the entire season. He only started 3 games but I'm sure he appeared (in some capacity) in most of the games during the season.
  16. No one is very interested in Brian Hoyer... Lol
  17. I think it's a safe assumption to make. Look at the quality of backups out there. Kelly was consistent throughout preseason.
  18. We need a backup for two weeks. That's it. I don't see a trade happening.
  19. You better be 100% sure before you say % like this. Get out of here with this vague nonsense.
  20. I like Farley a lot. Confused by the evident fallout and why we keep signing nobodies over him. Wonder if we tried to trade him.
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