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  1. Another terrible comparison... How the hell does All World Peyton Manning 8 years into his career compare to an unproven rookie? If Rock Ya-Sin was Champ Bailey in his prime and his back up was D'juan Smith then the comparison you are trying to make would maybe make sense. However, Rock Ya-Sin is not and Rock's backups are not much worse (if at all) than he is. I'm tired of the "they need to take their lumps!" talk. He can take his lumps in a game that is not on the line or he can step his play up. As for confidence, do your job and do it well. That builds confidence.
  2. 1 mistake versus 4. Keep reaching with these stellar comparisons. Let's compare a Luck pick 6 or fumble. Yeah bench him. Same thing...
  3. Woof. Clearly not the same and, again, 1 mistake compared to 4. Had Brissett fumbled 4 times then this would be a fair comparison.
  4. I agree with allowing players to play through mistakes. This, however, was extreme and nearly cost us the game.
  5. So it's not the same at all. I did acknowledge the depth. Give me Taylor. Give me Tell. Give me somebody who's head is in the game.
  6. Did Wilson continue to play every snap and shadow the only viable target on the field? Did Wilson make, I want to say, 5+ big penalties in a half?
  7. Risking a game over a supposed attempt at boosting his "confidence" is ridiculous. If he was an undrafted rookie, Quincy Wilson, etc. his * would have been yanked so fast. Rock is a grown man. If you play that poorly, you get pulled and you learn from it.
  8. "We're committed to playing the kid. And if he costs us a game, then so be it." That's not a coaches position.
  9. That's not an excuse to not bench a young player who is a clear determent to your team. We had other DBs who have been playing well. I'm not saying cut the guy but his play today was a disaster and almost (in part) cost us the game.
  10. Lol, I'm clearly not talking about JB. Apparently, you just didn't watch us on D.
  11. Jesus. Really? Our depth corners who have played very well the last two weeks. Could they not have held all over the field as well?
  12. You must have missed the game.
  13. Does it matter? Anyone could have replaced his play and exceeded it today. Tell, Taylor, and Milligan.
  14. Jacoby needs to pull the trigger. Throw it into tight coverage, trust your guy. He won't throw it unless you are open by two + yards. Be decisive and pull the trigger, dude. On topic, hell of a play.
  15. I'm pretty sure he has been getting away with holds all year. It caught up with him hard today. He should have been benched in the first half. If I were Broncos I would have just tossed it up towards Rock all day. Thankfully they went away from it, for whatever reason.
  16. To be fair, he was less than a game manager up to that point.
  17. How bad do you have to play to get benched?
  18. Don't forget Jared from Sub... Oh, nevermind.
  19. Desir played well, with or without the pick.
  20. Rogers is our best blocking receiver? Rogers shares return duties with Rogers?
  21. Rogers dropped one of his few targets. The play was offset with penalties. He's pretty much useless as a WR.
  22. Cain and Campbell can learn a thing or two from Pascal. And Rogers can keep the bench warm. Great game.
  23. I would have liked to have seen Wilkins get a few more touches. It wasn't working to Mack today and yards were left on the field.
  24. Let's have a 2014 argument... Not as bad as Fleener!
  25. Those are not game grades, they're season.
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