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  1. I was gone until you dragged me back with more nonsense. Proceed with your hissy fit.
  2. Lmao. You're something else. I'm fairly sure I did not edit %, but whatever makes you feel better. And I believe I see two mentions of Brissett and zero of Hoyer. No biggie. edit: this was edited at 2:25 EST (!!!)
  3. I guarantee they won't take the deal, considering the trade deadline has passed.
  4. You are being pedantic. Do you understand that?
  5. My point being, the op is complaining about Brissett usage when he hasn't (hardly) played in our last two losses.
  6. I did ask you, that's why it's in your thread. You mentioned Brissett a bunch in your OP for your problems having nothing to do with him...
  7. Does this guy realize that Brissett hasn't played in the last 6+ Quarters?
  8. Since returning from injury, Hooker has probably played the best run defense of his career. They've been using him in the box a lot and he has flashed on my screen multiple times. I've noted it because I was shocked to see Hooker making a tackle in the backfield or taking on a block, etc.
  9. Our fans are too quiet. 1st and 2nd downs you can hear a pin drop. Only time we semi come awake is on 3rd down or in crunch time. I think people are too scared to stand up and make some noise as if people around them will judge them or yell at them. If someone is at a football game and doesn't like you making noise, that's their problem. They are the problem, not you. Also, they need to put that dumb fake decibel thing on the big screen more. It helps get the crowd into it. /End rant/
  10. I don't think you can say the offensive line played better, rather they played a defense/dline that is pathetic. If they had played better we would have avg more than 3.8 ypc against the worst run def in the league and Hoyer wouldn't have been hit the face multiple times.
  11. If (when)Vinny continues to kick for us, he needs to adjust and start setting his XPs up on the right hash to compensate for his consistent left slice. Be smart.
  12. Really? Funch had a freak injury. Are you really going to blame him for that? It sounds like you are, but that can't be because that would be ridiculously dumb. Perhaps, you just hated the signing from the get-go and now you can use this injury as justification...
  13. Wear and tear? They kick thousands of times in practice, a few more kicks in a game is nothing. A two and one kick/punter is a deviant idea as of now in the NFL. Also, and mainly, it's just hard to be good enough in one at the NFL level, let alone both.
  14. As of now, Rigo could hold and kick at the same time and our FG situation would be upgraded.
  15. Is Funchess coming back, though? I didn't hear anything about him practicing yet and that would be a bad sign.
  16. The good news is, we will definitely lose by one score or less.
  17. Whatever he is talking about, this thread sucks. A first round pick is not dirt cheap.
  18. You really got a kick out of your own post, huh?
  19. Zach Pascal was the best WR and it's not close.
  20. Snapper and holder contributing to Vinny's struggles. The operation has not been smooth at all this year. Very ugly.
  21. The LB experiment was for like a week in the offseason. He has been exclusively a DE since.
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