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  1. Based on current circumstances I'd say the best strategy is to pass. You roll the dice like this when your window is closing. I could see the Packers do something like this now that they play a little faster and looser. But if we really are holding all the cards (cap space, attraction, etc) then we should let the offers come to us and make heady plays for the longer term. My thinking right now would be to hang onto some cheddar and see what the draft holds as the Patriot house of cards falls (Kraft's "Patriot Missile Crisis", TB12's pending retirement). The (AFC) South will rise again!
  2. Vernon could be a good fit sure. This is the pre-FA point where clubs start using bait to see if anyone is hungry enough to bite before catch-and-release takes places. PATIENCE.
  3. Yeah I think he goes in 3 too and I can't see brass investing earlier than a 4 on a RB. He's certainly an intriguing prospect... Pocket Hercules size.
  4. You mean I really don't know more than the front office on FA and draft personnel? You just killed Santa for me buddy. You've got a lot of balls! On a serious knowt, your post reminds me of why I'll be refraining from draft pick critiques from now till eternity. While we want the best for our team and will sometimes have passionate, albeit emotional reactions (not responses) to draft picks, we can never be privy to the intel and vision of the guys who actually make these decisions. I do have faith in Ballard and after the Great Draft of 2018 am very excited to see who the chosen ones are this year.
  5. This was a fun read. Thanks for posting. Ballard will chuckle at the QB scramble as other players get pushed downward. 26 and 32 are strategically valuable picks and are open to manipulation in either direction. I hope we trade down from both spots unless "our guys" are magically there in those positions. On a personal note, I especially like the 1987 pick at #26. Jim Harbaugh's performance vs. the Steelers in the AFC championship game inspired me to become a Colts fan. I'm a native New Yorker who grew up in a Raiders household via my father but became disillusioned over what, by my time, had simply become a "Commitment to Cash" mantra. I have lived in Las Vegas for the past 13 years and have no plans to rekindle a Raider romance simply by proximity. I am a Colts fan for life. I love the Colts and I love our fans. My name is even Blue. True story.
  6. Odell Beckham, Jr. is and always will be a diva. He manipulated the team and staff last year to the point where they're calling WR pass options. Nothing wrong with scheming plays to maximize the skill set of your best player, but it's the way it was induced that brings a red flag. OBJ has to have the ball and has to be the show. He doesn't fit the high character, low profile mold of the Colts locker room or it's best player (before or with OBJ) in Andrew Luck. I still can't believe the Giants gave him the contract they did knowing what they're signing up for. Even for a 3rd rounder I'd want no part of this guy on a young, rising squad that exemplifies the word "TEAM."
  7. This is the quality and depth of article I would expect from someone with 33,000 posts. That being said, it was still impressive. The detail is masterful. The draft picks for their respective positions is strategically well done as it relates to value vs. positional needs. I like the Cameron Fleming and Adam Humphries FA adds... and a very good ILB at the end of the 3rd. Not reaching for an edge rusher after everyone else makes a run on them in the 1st is wise. I do believe Dre'mont Jones will be there at #34. Like it.
  8. Is this another guy who can be lumped into the "Darius Heyward-Bey" category? Guys who WOW at the combine and make playground highlights in college, then come to the NFL with simple straight-line speed and a wealth of disappointment. This seems to be a recent trend.
  9. Quinn's numbers have dipped sharply in recent years. I don't see any way you won't still be paying for the household name. All things being equal I'd rather have Suh plugging up the middle. I loved Robert Quinn. I just don't see how we could get a low-cost deal on a guy who is likely no longer a 3-down player.
  10. I guess some of my thinking was that if Henry really does play on a high level going forward, there's the chance we could get him at a fair price if Tenn tries to raise draft capital for a new QB. I forgot that being in the same division, it IS unlikely they would make that trade and have to see him 2 or more times a season. I still think it's an idea worth kicking the tires on. Yes, we could spend a mid-round pick on one who COULD turn out as good or better. But if we could get a player who fits the mold and save one pick to address other positions then all the better. Appreciate everyone's feedback on the matter.
  11. Seeing that Indy's O-line will be a force for the forseeable future, would you entertain the idea of a guy like Derrick Henry in the backfield to break the will of opposing defenses? Henry was drafted in the 2nd round (#45) of the 2016 draft and enters 2019 in the 4th/last year of his rookie deal (5.4 mil/4 yrs). After being ho-hum with the occasional flash, he seemingly broke out in the 2nd half of 2018. While Dion Lewis was an afterthought last year, the Titans may be considering moving on from Marcus Mariota and would need to put together some draft capital to move up for a new play caller. Would you consider Henry, certainly not a pass-catcher out of the backfield, a good addition for our team and what type of deal/pick would you consider giving up to make it happen?
  12. There are some caveats with Collins. He IS a liability in coverage. After a brilliant start to his career, numbers are down mostly due to his hard-hitting style resulting in injury. Sound familiar to anyone? That being said, we all know how the safety position is being undervalued, plus Collins IS a good fit in a position of need. I would guess that yes, he would become high on Ballard's list as a relative value add at 4/45.
  13. This is a good point. Obviously the Colts saw tackle potential when analysts wondered what Indy was doing taking 2 guards in the first 2 rounds. That being said, it's fair to wonder how good that line could be if they were able to acquire a good RT and move Smith back inside.
  14. First our defense was "too soft." Now our offense is "too soft?" I quit!
  15. I guess the Hooker pick is based on the assumption that we won't be able to re-sign Clayton Geathers. Amani Hooker was rated as the #4 safety on Walter Football, which is about the value echoed by NFL.com. I did see that Walter recently updated this ranking, sliding him all the way down to #24 as a 4-6 round pick. Missed tackles and subpar athleticism at the NFL level were cited. As upsides, he was described as tough and willing to hit... just like a hooker's bodyguard. Isn't it ironic... don't ya think?
  16. ... and what a windfall Braden Smith has been so far...
  17. This is a terrific question and a fascinating thread. I don't have a full understanding of how compensatory picks work, but draft capital seems to be king now (especially in light of the rookie salary cap vs. out-of-control free agent contracts). We didn't need the NFL to tell us the Colts had the best draft class of 2018. I have reason to believe more good decisions will be made in FA and draft 2019, so this is indeed an exciting time. Based on Ballard's 2 grand slams and other fine picks last year, you bet I'd buy a 3rd rounder with a viable backup QB. You can't make Keenum's arm stronger and I don't know if even Luck can make Bortles more serious about football, but just having one of them aboard means you could warm up to Brissett offers and jockey for position in April. I guess you'd have to take a look at your big board vs. team needs, run the numbers, and start wheeling and dealing accordingly. This "game within the game" stuff is truly fascinating and probably one of the reasons I enjoy Fantasy Football so much. Thanks for your post Superman. Good stuff!
  18. I laughed when seeing "QB" listed as a team need on OnTheClock 2019. That being said, I have to wonder if it's worth taking a flyer on a QB like Kyle Shurmur and either deal him or Brissett going forward.
  19. I remember reading on Walter Football how Demaryius Thomas switched to the same horrible diet that ruined Arian Foster's career. In Fantasy Football 2018 I drafted Thomas in the 8th round and still took a beating for drafting him at all. Him and Dez will be playing poker every 3rd Sunday this season. Don't believe the hype that we need to burn an early round pick on a WR. Cain will be back and Ballard will find a value guy in FA.
  20. These are not sexy picks, but I'd love to have these guys next year: 1) Bryce Callahan, CB, Bears (Age 27) - Best slot corner available. Doubtful Chicago lets him get away though. 2) Darius Philon, DT, Chargers (Age 25) - Run stuffer with 4 sacks (2018) who's steadily improving and could be a low cost/high yield player for years to come 3) Adam Humphries, WR, Buccaneers (Age 26) - Put a rising star on a competent ball club
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