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  1. This one really resonated with me. These are the intangibles of a ball club. With Ballard's model, adding a high-priced name could be disastrous. Here's to sticking with the plan. Overall great read and thanks for posting. I've become infatuated with the management process. As a savvy Fantasy Football player, I'm becoming more invested in knowing specific elements of ball clubs such as turnover, coordinator/HC change, and scheme change. This stuff is gold.
  2. Here we go: The Giants and Colts have a whopping 21 combined picks in this year's draft. As evidenced by the OBJ trade, no option is off the table for NY. Before proceeding, I'd like to ask the main question driving this thread: "HOW LIKELY IS IT THAT GIANTS AND COLTS BRASS WILL HAVE SOME TRADE OPTIONS/SCENARIOS IN PLACE PRIOR TO THE DRAFT?" Rationale: To the casual onlooker and most football analysts, nobody is sure what the Giants' plan is or if they even have one. I'm sure that they do, but once the draft begins things could change in a mighty hurry and the Giants may have to resort to plan B, C, or even D. Ballard, always in search of value and opportunity, may well move up or down if the conditions are favorable. Interest: If the Cards draft Murray and NY misses out on Haskins, they could get put into a position where they need a 1-year stop-gap other than Manning to get through 2019. This is where Brissett comes into play. There's no guarantee the Giants love Drew Lock or Daniel Jones, so things could go south in short order. On the flip side, Sterling Shepard's name has come up in trade rumors. With Tate the new slot guy in NY, Shepard could indeed be on the block. He could be a perfect add as a proven commodity to round out the WR corps in Indy. T.Y. is #1, Funchess the possession/red zone target, Shepard in the slot, and Cain as the wild card/deep threat. Brissett and Shepard would have similar trade value, with Brissett and Ballard holding positional leverage. Equitability: With so many collective picks, it wouldn't be hard to make moves at any point in the draft with our without the Brissett/Shepard dynamics. As a short value guide, here are some of the early round picks and values available for both teams: GIANTS: Rnd 1, Pick 17 (17) = 950 COLTS: Rnd 1, Pick 27 (27) = 700 Rnd 2, Pick 05 (35) = 550 Rnd 2, Pick 04 (34) = 560 Rnd 3, Pick 31 (63) = 276 Rnd 2, Pick 27 (59) = 310 Rnd 4, Pick 06 (102) = 92 Rnd 3, Pick 25 (89) = 145 Rnd 4, Pick 30 (126) = 46 Rnd 4, Pick 27 (123) = 49 Considering the picks, players, and options available I wouldn't be surprised to see one or more trades between NY and Indy as both teams attempt to build through this draft. I'd be even less surprised to hear that they've discussed progressions and compensation packages based on how the draft unfolds. Last year saw an unprecedented number of first round trades. Food for thought. Your thoughts or predictions?
  3. I guess this begs the question, "Who would Ballard love that much to move up for?" I feel like with Ballard's patience it would take a mighty fall of a Top 10 player for him to entertain a trade-up. Pretty much all of the Top-5 edge prospects would be gone by the early-to-mid teens, so anything prior to 17 starts getting pretty expensive. That being said, the GIANTS now own 17 so between their picks and ours it wouldn't be hard to hammer out an equitable deal.
  4. Thanks. Just drafted him in a OnTheClock mock draft and wanted to see what he was all about. Based on the video highlights it looks like his best quality is gaining position on the ball. Basketball type instincts seem to be in play. Sure-handed, can high point well, looks the ball in and secures it before trying to do any shake 'n' bake. Good fundamentals... possession receiver. That's pretty much the role Funchess will be expected to play this season.
  5. I don't think Jacobs is so good that with Mack in the fold we'd still draft him. Hockenson I'd be fine with and if he falls to 26 I'd guess he'll be drafted. My fantasy is that we trade out of 26 and get back-to-back picks at 34 & 35... Going all Mississippi State with Jeffery Simmons and Jonathan Abrams. It is conceivable they'd both be there
  6. My intuition likes Oruwariye too. and Chris Slayton, DL, Syracuse
  7. In reading about the Colts "sniffing around for cornerbacks in the trade market" on NFLtraderumors, they also mentioned the Patriots eyeing Sterling Shepard in a trade. Shepard, a 2016 2nd round pick (#40) is in the last year of his rookie deal and with Tate in town the Giants could be looking to add him to the chopping block. I personally see him as a great player on what's been a bad team with an aging QB and overbearing WR1 in Beckham. He could potentially blossom with Luck just like Ebron did after leaving dysfunctional Detroit and Funchess no longer catching prayers... I mean passes from Scam Bootin' in Carolina. I wanted to hear what our community has to say about Shepard and what kind of cost/deal you think we could swing to acquire him. Would that not round out a great receiving corps prior to the draft? Original article: https://nfltraderumors.co/afc-notes-colts-dolphins-patriots-6/
  8. I'm glad we're going to be hosting Ajayi. I could see him giving teams a real hard time behind that Colts offensive line. Good player to lean on while closing out games. Home run hitter too. I could see him breaking several big ones as teams sell out on 3rd/4th downs or when that line starts breaking the will of the opposing defense.
  9. Personally, I love the idea of another rangy linebacker to pair with Leonard and solidify the middle of the D for a decade. Despite it not so much being a position of need, I have a suspicion that if Noah Fant is there at #26 he will be "the guy."
  10. I burst out laughing when they started talking about GMs/owners who just can't help themselves in FA frenzy because I knew Dan Snyder's name was only seconds away.
  11. Berry's release is certainly one of the more intriguing breaking developments. As a high character man who's been an all-pro, I could see him coming aboard with another Ballard special: 1-year deal to see what he's got left. He's only 30, he's just had some bad injuries. Worth kicking the tires on for sure. I'd honestly love to have him in Indy.
  12. The mystique of the Jags D wore off weeks before the end of this past season. As a Fantasy Football player, I was keen to notice how much they weren't doing. Taven Bryan's Twitter handle should be @Bustalicious18. Some of the guys from that D have already moved on to other clubs. Perhaps this isn't a fair comparison, but this reminds me of when the levee broke in Seattle and became the Legion of Whom? We'll see if they can pull it back together this year, but I guess my stance is that they need a whole lot more than Foles to be taken seriously as a contender next year. Maybe things will change now that the Jags have a new owner... Derek Henry.
  13. The other day I slighted Funchess based on his speed, or lack thereof. I was right in saying he's not fast. But that's not the whole story. He does other things very well, including blocking and making contested catches despite the caveat that he can't gain separation. Something to remember is that he will never be a #1 receiver, so he's never going to command or get paid #1 receiver dough. There's no 1,000 yards and 10 TDs in his 2019 season because he won't be asked to do that much. Even if he balls out he could get extended for what? Maybe $12 mil per year base salary with more incentives? Food for thought.
  14. My reaction is that we should have simply Trumped the Jets and offered the 13 mil per. My response is wait and see how this plays out. Bell was greedy, took a year off, and is getting older. Ballard's plan is long-term prosperity while the Jets are the latest "get rich quick" pyramid scheme. Time will tell.
  15. Let's see what the players present and future from this deal look like for their teams in 2 yrs. (dude eating movie popcorn)
  16. I want a GM that zigs when all the hipsters are zagging. When people go out to get that shiny new car, I want the one 2 years old with only 15,000 miles that costs 28% less. I can use the extra money to go places and celebrate... like Disney World.
  17. I definitely think Ballard hedged his bet with Funchess. If he tanks, you're done with him after a year. If he balls and is willing to re-sign a reasonable multiyear deal, all the better. If he balls and then signs a monster deal somewhere else, you got a good year out of him plus a 3rd rounder on the back end. No real lose/lose scenarios there.
  18. What up fellas? I see it's been a busy day here and in almost-free agency. Now that most of the big names are off the board who are we going to ink? Many of the guys left don't fit the scheme or the Colts mold, so that starts to narrow it down. I was for Collins (gone), but Bryce Callahan and Darius Philon are still in the mix. Verrett too. I could see us giving a 1-year deal to Ziggy Ansah with some injury provisions or something. There are a lot of corners still on the market, including Desir and Rashaan Melvin. Predictions?
  19. Funchess was never meant to be a #1 receiver. He doesn't have that type of speed to match the rest of the skill set. I was hoping for more from him in that situation also, but it was an unrealistic expectation. He has now been given an opportunity to succeed. He's on a good ball club with an elite pocket QB and is only expected to be a #2 possession/red zone role player. Along with T.Y., Deon Cain, Rodgers, and the TE group it will be enough to keep defenses honest and get him the breathing room he needs to make plays. In the meantime Ballard will find out what he has in Cain and spend some early round picks to round out the defense. It was a good first grenade to clear out the tunnels. The tender dominoes fell quick once that deal was done.
  20. No, that would be John Ross, Josh Doctson, and Kenny Stills.
  21. LOL this Funchess deal looks funny. 13 million is much more than "prove it" money yet still only a 1 year deal for a young player. I'll have to reserve any judgment until further notice. I'm surprised he could command that type of money.
  22. You know those nightmares where you're being pursued by an apex predator or some demonic perversion of your subconscious? You're never just enjoying an adrenaline-powered escape... Rather you're running in quicksand. For Devin "Bunches of Funchess" this is not a nightmare. This is a "slow Tuesday."
  23. I don't know much about "branding" as I haven't worked in sales, retail, or marketing. However, I understand the gravity and reality of modern society and the word drew me into this thread. I've had reservations with my colts loyalty due to some of the caveats associated with a sometimes meddling and incendiary owner in Jim Irsay. I also had to wonder what was going on during the Grigson years (good lord). It has been with dizzying speed that Ballard and Reich have turned things around. Credit Irsay with getting a ringer in here and letting him do his job. I can't believe how much confidence I have in this organization after some of the tomfoolery that permeated the club for so long... and it happened quick. I AM proud of this organization, its fans, it's top-notch stadium I've never been to, and the product we're putting out on the field. I never thought I'd be able to say it, yet here we are. So thanks for echoing the collective joy and relief that many of us feel as we sneak into free agency with a fat wallet, a slow trigger-finger, and zipped lips.
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