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  1. If Ballard chooses to trade down, he'll get anywhere from "good" to "bend over and grab your ankles" value. This may be the case at #34, which is like a 1st rounder any other year. The other posters here have made good arguments in both directions. I'm about to sit back and enjoy April 20 knowing full well that no matter what Ballard does this weekend it will be the best decision at the time. That's easy living right there folks.
  2. This thread already had the look of shameless clickbait before I was unfortunate enough to do it anyway. In my world, the only Leonard the poster could possibly be discussing is Leonard Williams. Not sure why we'd do that after adding Buckner, but let's take a look. I read one sentence before spending the next terrifying 60 seconds wondering if my newly formed Forrest Whitaker eye was ever going to go away. After seeing the torches and pitchforks come out in the first few replies I started to feel bad for the OP. At this point you have to consider that maybe this was simply a genius ploy to stir up muddy waters for a laugh. That was until he reappeared to begin defending his position on the subject. Leonard Fournette is lazy and volatile, perhaps the direct antithesis to what most knowledgeable Colts fans understand our team's culture to be. I don't think the poster meant any harm, but I can absolutely see why people would take exception to what appears to be a stunning lack of common knowledge possessed by most in the Colts community. Glad to see that there's a regard for accountability in Colts forums.
  3. With those early picks, I expect Ballard to take the best player available, regardless of position. Depending on what the yearly cap looks like for the O-line, it wouldn't surprise me to see a Center drafted as high as the 2nd round to replace Ryan Kelly in 2021. If there's one thing everyone learned from the Luck era, it's "protect your QB."
  4. I unfortunately grew up in a Raiders household, so I went away to college and was in the market for a new team. In 1995 I saw Comeback Player of the Year Jim Harbaugh take a 9-7 team one dropped hail mary from the Superbowl. Harbaugh was an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. It was an inspiring story, so despite being from NY and having no ties to Indy... I will probably die a Colts fan. It's a sound organization with classy fans, a stellar stadium, and a GM who will never sell us down the river yet always keep us in the hunt. As fans we can have a little faith and enjoy the Ballard years while they last.
  5. They seemed pretty sure of themselves with Ya-Sin last year in that #34 spot last year. You make a good point. Trade downs offers should be rich, and if you're thinking about trading back into the 1st round... it can only be so expensive from 34. It's just a great leverage spot period. You can move in both directions without giving up too much.
  6. The NFL realizes what an incredible opportunity this is. They will turn it into gold... and we need it right now.
  7. Unfortunately I remember this like it was yesterday. I participate in a winner-take-all draft pool every year with some guys here in Vegas so I knew the prospects well. I was really hoping we got Whitehair but it wasn't meant to be.
  8. Not surprised to see so much chatter on the Rhodes signing. I just didn't think the conversation would ever happen because I didn't think he could ever be had for $5 million despite his last 2 years. Even if that's a deal, I don't think Ballard would have made the move if he didn't think Rhodes could offer $5 million worth of production in that scheme. Time will tell. At this point I like it because Ballard has somehow suddenly put the Colts into the win-now playoff conversation... and he did it with shockingly few moves. Ballard is the chess master.
  9. Maybe I'm in the minority, but the defense doesn't need Clowney. Turay is still early in his rookie contract and Houston isn't out of gas yet. Signing 2 big defender contracts in the same year could also create some cap logistics issues. Now that Rivers is in the house there's another pick that may be spent on a defender instead of a QB in the draft.
  10. What I like about this draft is how utilitarian and believable it is. Sure, Herbert is a long shot and Claypool/Moss are the shiny names for us mockaholics to hone in on... but it's fair market value where they're drafted, including Herbert. It's hard to describe any particular style or trend that Ballard displays during the draft. One thing you can count on is that he's well-prepared and has considered every angle. He will maximize his swings at the plate because he knows the lay of the land coast to coast. There are some terrific DTs available at the top of the draft and Madibuike or Ross Blacklock could indeed be the pick at #34 as other teams try to fill skill position player needs. I do think the Colts will look to add a TE somewhere in the draft, especially if they don't use a pick on a QB and instead give Brissett acceptable weapons. Last year was brutal. Thaddeus Moss could be an option on the table. You can never have enough O-line depth, and considering the number of 1st and 2nd rounders on that line I guess you have to plan for the possibility that you can't keep them all. Good show, sir. It was a good read.
  11. The Chargers literally have no starting QB. There's no way they pass on a franchise QB unless they truly think they can get "their guy" in another round... That or they already have an agreement in place with another club to mitigate the perils of taking any player other than QB in the 1st. Case in point: The GIANTS just took "their guy" at #6 last year despite him not being rated that high and so far they're pretty happy. If a move like that didn't work out it would easily be the GM or HC's job. There's no logical reason why any shot caller would assume that level of risk. I'd love to see Herbert fall that far, but with the QB position so important (Jackson wins MVP, Mahomes wins SB) in the modern NFL... any QB deemed a Top-15 pick/franchise level QB will be taken in the Top-10 and more than likely the Top-6.
  12. It's one thing if we hadn't seen the best of Rivers, and even then he couldn't win one. I like the idea of Rivers in Indy, but my image of him is from a past no longer recoverable. If Brissett has upside, then we're just hiring an expensive backup.
  13. I have a hard time believing Ballard would be willing to split the difference of QB value with a draft this deep. That early 2nd rounder is like a 1st rounder this year, so brass would have to love a guy to use a pick in the first 3 rounds, especially considering anything that early would by default constitute a media-spawned QB controversy in April. Not Ballard's style. Brissett is under contract through this season, so if anything you swing for the fences with a late round flyer and let him learn behind Jacoby. I'm starting to think that Jordan Love is not even on Ballard's radar, nor is anyone not worth a Top-10 pick. That being said, Herbert could be a crime of opportunity if he somehow fell to 13 or close to it. You make good points regarding Russell Wilson and Dak. I just don't think that the conditions at this time lend themselves to a Love/Fromm/Easton/Hurts move in the 2nd or 3rd.
  14. The 2020 draft class just smoked the combine with record-breaking performances. At this point Indy will have a terrific chance at 3 franchise players, so there should be even less motivation to move up unless Ballard wants to risk it all on one guy. Doubtful. Not Ballard's style. A move up would likely be #34 and a late rounder just to beat someone out for a QB prospect in that "Teddy Bridgewater" range. The Giants are taking a tackle and at this point they can't miss. I wouldn't be surprised to see them move down more than once if they still thought they could get a Top-3 OT. Herbert to the Chargers looks like it fits. Definitely a tackle headed to the Browns. If they let Joe Schobert walk, they must be pretty serious about either a FA stud or 1st rounder. The trades are going to make it impossible to get half the top-10 correct, but I'd better get started because the draft is in my city and every year the guys do a winner-take-all draft pool. This year we'll be on site. Time to get to work...
  15. This is a spirited thread here fellas. Like it. A couple viewpoints: It has been said by many that if you have the opportunity to land a blue chip player in the draft, you take it regardless of positional need. As it relates to LT, Castonzo has yet to re-sign and at this point I doubt it happens until after the draft by the mere fact that a great OT prospect may indeed fall to #13. In that case, it would be hard to pass on a guy like that. One of the ways to mitigate QB woes is to strengthen your line and buy him more time. Drafting OT and kicking Braden Smith inside would make Indy's line the best in the NFL. Not sure how complicated that would make re-signs in the future, but it would go a long way toward a) attracting QBs to Indy AND b) buying yourself more time to make a wise move in the future You can always move some parts around via trades, so I don't see any major issues with drafting BPA instead of pure need.
  16. Good points and thanks for the stats on Brissett. The mediocrity of FA QBs really doesn't leave many options other than to draft a rookie project and at least buy some time until the right situation presents itself. While I don't think Brissett is a franchise QB, he is certainly serviceable. With all the moving parts in the league right now, it's hard to tell how things will play out other than in the moment. Everything could be going swimmingly in the top end of the draft, then Bruce Arians comes out of nowhere to scoop up a guy Ballard had planned to take. I've heard more than one of my bosses use the quote "It's a fluid process." While I sometimes feel that's a nonsense answer that doesn't really tell you anything... it doesn't make it any less true here in the NFL where your options change daily based on the interdependent variables at play.
  17. Your well-articulated response is appreciated. I quoted this section to emphasize some variables concerning GM decision-making process. The word "still" in full caps reminds us that in the NFL, you're only as good as your next move. That notion, coupled with the challenge of mediating pressure from team owners, can undoubtedly affect a GM's personnel decisions in the name of self-preservation. Every night Dan Snyder dreams of meddling with front office affairs so he can get a head start on doing it when he wakes up. Colin Cowherd, in speaking of Peyton Manning as a head coach prospect said, "Peyton doesn't see all the people below him. He sees the 2 people above him." All that being said, I don't believe that Ballard is in that type of situation and has earned enough street cred to do things his way without the guy writing the checks trying to interfere with the process. Irsay, like all owners, is used to having power and influence. In this particular case, he can relax and let the professionals do their work. We'll never know the depth of that dynamic in Indy, but it's a true luxury to have a guy we can all put a little faith in for the future of the franchise.
  18. No position in football is more important than QB. Fact. There are exactly 3 QB draft prospects (Burrow, Tua, Herbert) who teams would splash out for as franchise signal-callers. Indy would have to move up in front of teams with bigger QB woes than ours to get one of them and you can safely assume it would be costly. Perspectives: Indy has some draft capital to go with massive cap space, which allows some wiggle room in terms of draft strategy and trade potential. Brissett is under contract through 2020, but is too young to be a true mentor for a young project. If he was the face of the franchise, we'd know it by now. That leaves us in an awkward spot. There is no FA QB not named Brees (who will re-sign with New Orleans) who will be a franchise QB and even Pollyanna concedes that the Colts are not "one player away" from contending for a title. We never truly contended for one when we DID have Andrew Luck. Say the names of the potential FA QBs out loud and tell me in your heart of hearts that one of them conjures visions of banners in the rafters. The million-dollar question then is "what to do?" As someone fascinated by strategy I find the situation to be exciting, not stressful. Ballard has long-term vision and will not "Trubisky" us unless he's certain he's got the right rookie. As fans at least we can have a little faith in that. Given the variables at play here I'd say: This is a great time to play "wait and see" with your host Chris Ballard. He makes heady decisions both short and long term without getting overextended. At #13, the team is close enough to move up for someone if they really want him. I can't say with confidence that we'll have a measurably higher slot than that in the next few years unless, of course, we trade out of the 1st again to load up for 2021. If Ballard/Reich are that sold on a FA QB they have plenty of resources to land him. That being the case, you'd expect to see that move early in FA because at the end of the day nobody can outbid us. If not the case, we're back to "wait-and-see" on draft day... Ballard's strength as a flexible and patient GM. I've made some reasonable assumptions that may or may not be accurate. This is an open-ended post with no solution required. I'd just like to hear some thoughts from fellow armchair warriors with a penchant for strategy and analysis.
  19. The notion that the Raiders would draft WRs with their 1st two picks just to attract a 67-year old QB is some pretty good satire. The Raiders will be playing wait-and-see just like half the teams in the league. I see the Derek Carr trade rumors and am hoping they don't include Indy. Carr is physically limited. You can only coach up a player so much, so why not go for bigger upside? ' Back to WRs, there were many who balled out at the combine and there will be plenty big-bodied prospects to go around on day 2 and even 3.
  20. To be fair, a classic Grigson Gaffe was Philip Dorsett (5'10, 185) in 2015. A reach at #29 and at that time not a position of need, Dorsett was a bust until, of course, he went to New England and became relevant. Dorsett had a stellar combine that year and I secretly wanted him, but not at 29. Grigson was like a kid that "saw something shiny" and forgot about conventional wisdom. Brutal.
  21. Well, we do know that Wirfs will never make it to #13 after tilting the combine machine. That being said, there were several stellar OT performances and some of them can be had in the 2nd round. Ditto WRs. This plays right into Ballard's hands, as there won't be a sense of urgency to get Jeudy or Lamb in the 1st round. Take what the defense gives you. If somehow Wirfs did slip that far it would be hard to say no to a 10-year starter at an increasingly important position. Ballard would have to feel like he got away with one if it went down that way. I feel like this year will be reminiscent of 2017, when Malik Hooker slipped all the way to Indy at #15 due to injury concerns. Thoughts?
  22. I don't watch college football, so I don't have the game film perspective to go on. As more of a number-cruncher/strategist, I'd say this is a terrific year to use max gamesmanship leading up to the draft. As it relates to Jordan Love, he's simply not going to be BPA at #13. I could see Indy trade up 2 spots to the bottom of round 1 if they have that much love for Love. Ballard & co are in a great position thanks to massive cap space and Washington's #34 pick. The FA QB market is deep and Brisset is still under contract with a $12.5 mil dead cap hit. Basically, Ballard can let the draft come to him, so any QB chatter at this point is wildly speculative. If Indy brass has a rookie in mind, they're high enough in the order to pretty much move up as far as deemed necessary without giving up too much for the opportunity. This class is loaded with OT and WR talent, so BPA/fill need will certainly apply. Every QB someone trades up for pushes one more blue chip player down to #13. It will be interesting to see what was smokescreen and what was silent intent when the cards start being read on Draft Day. Indy would be wise to manipulate perception, especially with the Raiders and their similar needs at #12. Given Mayock's round 1 disaster (Clelin Ferrell) last year I like our chances.
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