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  1. His agent said he has no clue. There is no info into why he's falling like he is. He was supposedly first round talent. He plays mean too, I love that in Lineman. That trade up with Bucs may be perfect for us.
  2. I say we take Collins, Clemings, Ajayi, Mike Davis, David Cobb...I'll be happy with any of these players.
  3. My b, I messed up. It's late on the East Coast. I should get to bed lol.
  4. This pick and D.J...so * good. Makes up for that mindblowing WR pick in 1st. Grigson is great in rounds 2-5, I'm pumped for tomorrow with 2 4th round picks and a 5th. What a trade... Grigson always makes me so mad and then redeems himself with days like today. I know it's early to grade the draft, but on paper this is awesome.
  5. I loved today as a Colts fan. We got a Great #2 CB in DJ and a steal in Anderson. This was a great day overall. Continue this tomorrow and I'll feel a lot better about Dorsett in the 1st. Going Defense heavy for now on. I say we try hard for Collins or Clemings early tomorrow. I love the trade back as well. Tomorrow will be very fun with 2 4th round picks, 1 5th, 2 6th, 2 7th.
  6. Nope. The talent in next year's draft is more plentiful than this year's.
  7. After the Colts first interesting pick of the draft, where will the War room go now? I'm hoping that we go all Defense. I wouldn't mind a RB either, but we gotta get some talent on the other side of the ball. I'll put 2 players for each pick that I'd be happy with. 2nd Round: Quinten Rollins, DB, Miami (OH): He was a CB in college but projects as a FS in the NFL. He fills a HUGE need. Good tackler, ball-hawking safety. Not near as much of a liability in coverage as Landon Collins is. Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska: Yes, I know, the off-field issues are quite alarming but we're talkin
  8. Langford is great against the run. He'll provide very little pass rush though.If this is cheap or 3 mill/under I'll be happy.
  9. Do it...DO IT. I'm sick of overpaying for unproven talent. Suh is a monster and would add the attitude we need to BTM.
  10. Here is the problem with this situation. Most teams would be very happy with 3 years in a row to the playoffs in first 3 years of a new regime. It's almost unheard of. The problem is that the team isn't getting much better. The Colts keep losing to the same team in the biggest games of the season. For 2 straight years, the Colts have gone to Foxboro during the playoffs(Divisional round last year, AFCCG this year) and gotten embarassed both times. This time was even worse than last year. We are seeing zero improvements in what the coaches tend to preach all offseason and since they have been
  11. Mitch

    Mike Adams

    I would love to keep Adams, but only for the right price. He's an average safety but that's still better than Landry who is making the big bucks. I want to replace Landry with someone else but we won't. His dead money if we cut him is only 3.5million, but his cap hit is 5.8 million. Don't know if it's really worth cutting him at this point unless we pick up a FA or high draft pick at Safety.
  12. Sure we would love to beat the tougher team. But why not make that tougher team the 2nd week after an easier game? You don't want your playoff run to be against the best teams...the chances of you moving on are much less. Any playoff win would provide a huge confidence boost going to NE or Den. It's one game at a time anyways, we need to focus on beating the Bengals then focus on the next team. I didn't say you don't know sports, I was simply saying your logic is flawed. Every game in the NFL is tough, why make it even tougher on your team?
  13. That's dumb logic. Any team or person that knows sports would take the easiest road to the SB. The whole "play an easy team and fail next week" is ridiculous. Bengals are far from easy and a win in the playoffs no matter who it's against can be great momentum. Go Colts! Let's hope it's a repeat from earlier this season. 27-0 Colts!
  14. Must be nice to have Marshawn Lynch running it... It's absolutely ridiculous how bad our run game is. We should draft another OL in 1st round this year, RG or RT or even Center...It's useless to even attempt a run with this O-line. (Sorry, meant to add this to last post but hit Post too soon)
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