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  1. Manning's homecoming game in 2013 was also my first experience at a Colts home game! I had just gotten back from a deployment and my wife surprised me with tickets, I was thrilled but when I found out how much she had paid for them I couldn't justify the trip up there and the cost so we tried to sell them. They didnt sell so in the end we bit the bullet and drove up from Florida (where I was stationed) and had one of the best experiences of my life! Sucked to see Reggie tear his ACL but the atmosphere and seeing Mathis strip sack Manning was great!
  2. Myles Garrett is the true heir to Mathis' sack fumble throne. His body is ready.
  3. Need everyone to start retweeting Robert Mathis' twitter post about teaching a new pass rusher to David Perkins and convince him to come to the Colts lol. Would be awesome to learn from one of the best!
  4. Now is the time to draft David Perkins, that bend and speed is so ridiculous. Need an edge rusher!
  5. I will consider going to church if Billings falls to the Colts and we take him. YOU HEAR ME GOD?! lol
  6. Hope Andrew Billings falls to us! That would be so fantastic!
  7. Is it wrong to like David Perkins more than all these guys? I won't complain with an OLB in Round 2 but I still hope they draft this guy in the later rounds.
  8. I'd be okay with these guys, kind of hope Myles Jack still falls to us. On a side note, could you have accidently started any more of the same thread? Lol
  9. I almost feel like it was done on purpose to prevent people from spoiling the pick, it crashed right before and came back right after the pick
  10. That pick makes me happy. I'm sure Andrew Luck is pretty thrilled right now!
  11. Myles Jack falling to the Colts seems within reach now No thanks on Tunsil, the fact that he allowed someone to video tape him taking that bong hit illustrates the kind of person he is.
  12. I agree, originally I thought 18 was too early for Ryan Kelly but I've become more and more okay with it and will be completely satisfied with the pick.
  13. Kelly or Spence would make me happy. Or trade back for Bob Sanders 2.0 Karl Joseph!
  14. I was quite opposed to Kelly for awhile but with more thought, I would be pretty happy with Kelly in the 1st or Martin in the 2nd. Everyone gave the Dallas Cowboys crap for drafting Travis Frederick with pick #31. Obviously #18 is far more valuable than #31 but I think if the FO could go back and swap Werner for Fredericks, they would do it in a heartbeat.
  15. Was it two years ago everyone was on the Alex Mack hype train? I would still absolutely love to have him but I don't want to be disappointed again, it hurt too much lol on another note, solid off season. Looking forward to all your input again this off season Dustin
  16. My two friends and I will be at the game on Sunday. First time going to this game questioning our ability to win this game.
  17. I feel kind of bad, all of this hard work and film study...Colts didn't draft any of the guys you scouted. I still appreciate the hard work and hope you continue to do this in future years.
  18. These two guys watch tape on Damarious Randall and our very own Clayton Geathers, they finish watching tape around 1 hour and 9 minutes into the video and give their overall opinion in regards to this years safety class. Spoiler - They have great things to say. Check it out, for those who would like to watch tape and get commentary on these two guys.
  19. That just makes it easier for me to tape over "RICHARDSON" and replace it with "ROBINSON" on my #34 jersey hahaha
  20. We had a lot of interest in Alani Fua OLB from BYU. I'm really only hoping for Derrick Lott and Cody Prewitt.
  21. Called it in the chat back in round 4 when we passed on RB that we would wait until the late rounds and grab Robinson
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