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  1. 5 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We are actually getting alot of respect today from the media in general but it took a game like this to get everyone's attention. Alot of the talk is still what Dallas didn't do instead of what we did. 

    I've seen on sports center and GMFB today say if we make the playoffs no one will want to play against us because we are playing so well. 

  2. CB doesn't need to resign the guys he drafted "his guys" for 2-3 more years. He will have few until then to bring back such as Glowinski. So free agency should be a thing since our last couple of draft classes has proven to produce a good amount of starter caliber players (a young core to build around).  


    I think he is going to spend some money this year on a couple of top tier free agents. However, they have to be scheme fitting impact positions. That we don't overpay to much guys like Demarcus Lawrence(20 Mil), Trey Flowers(16 Mil), Landon Collins(11 Mil), Lev Bell(17 Mil), Ronald Darby(14 Mil), or Grady Jarrett(15 Mil).


    I think the rest of the signings are going to be guys that fit the locker room. Guys that create competition for our rookie classes and bring the best out of them (Mike Mitchell or Matt Slauson). Guys that are cap and know how to handle being pros. Guys that need a change of scenery (Eric Ebron or Denico Autry). All these type signings that he brings in will only be 3 year deals at most so CB can sign "his guys". 


    I think he is going to be a lot more aggressive than he has been the past free agencies since being here. If I had to guess a couple of top tier guys that will make relative dent in the cap. Nothing like Luck's contract size but 11-20 mil guys. Then the rest will be like the signings CB has done in the past. 

  3. If we could get a few guys of each tier id be happy.

    Tier 1)

    Demarcus Lawrence

    Grady Jarrett

    Trey Flowers

    Ronald Darby

    Haha Clinton-Dix

    Landon Collins

    David Iriving (one year stay healthy prove it deal)

    Tier 2)

    Quincy Enunwa (one year stay healthy prove it deal)

    Za'Darius Smith

    Ja'waun James

    Danny Shelton

    Malcom Brown

    Jadaveon Clowney

    Tier 3)

    Mike Davis

    Bradley Roby

    Jimmie Ward

    Jordan Hicks


    Our FA


    Clayton Geathers

    Mark Glowinski

    Erick Swoope

    Pierre Desir

    Denzell Goode

    Chester Rodgers or Zach Pascal





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