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  1. I think waiver wire order is same as draft order so we'd be around 20 or so. I'm probably wrong,; I'm just best guessing. But it'd make us have a good safety trio.
  2. I think Ballard likes to double up on positions in drafts to create more competition. I also went all in on this draft this year to try to speed up the "rebuilding" process. High risk high reward. I traded our first round pick this year and our first round pick next year for Oaklands first round pick 25 and 27 and their second round pick two. 25: R1P25 EDGE JACHAI POLITE- very high ceiling perfect for robert mathis to work with FLORIDA 27: R1P27 DL JEFFERY SIMMONS- 3 technique with character issues can move blockers very well MISSISSIPPI STATE 34: R2P2 CB DEANDRE BAKER- little smaller but great cover corner GEORGIA 36: R2P4 DL DEXTER LAWRENCE- nose tackle can take up blockers stop the run and get to the quarterback. CLEMSON 51: R2P19 CB AMANI ORUWARIYE- big corner better for zone so should fit our system well PENN STATE 82: R3P18 WR KELVIN HARMON- big body great awareness could be a good number 2 but we have bad luck with receivers for some reason NC STATE 121: R4P19 OT KALEB MCGARY- good back up at right tackle before smith got settled in right tackle was a revolving door WASHINGTON 135: R4P33 LB JOE GILES-HARRIS- good coverage linebacker should fit in great with our WLB & MLB. Anthony Walker went down this week and you could tell he wasn't in the lineup DUKE 158: R5P19 OT ISAIAH PRINCE- ballard wants ten olinemen so he is going to keep drafting them OHIO STATE 193: R6P18 QB JARRETT STIDHAM- getting an option so we have an option to trade Jacoby and get more draft capital AUBURN 235: R7P19 EDGE ULYSEES GILBERT III- throwing a dart in the seventh round because i like his name AKRON
  3. The colts 1-0 mentality will prove to counter this "trap" game. This post is 90% stat based. If you look at the last two games and then the giants: The Texans had Hopkins/Miller/Watson. The Cowboys had Zeke/Cooper/Dak. The Giants got OBJ/Barkley/Eli. I think Dallas, Houston, and the Giants are built very similar. A top ranked WR/RB then the other RB/WR is a great person to pair with. The QBs are ranked in the middle no real all star QBs. Their O-lines are all very horrible. The Defenses are kinds sporadic however. 3) Hopkins 1)Zeke 7)Luck 5)Dallas D 1)Colts O-line 16 Sacks 15)TY 3)Barkley 11)Eli 10) Colts D 28) Giants O-line 46 Sacks 16)OBJ 8) Miller 14)Watson 14) Houston D 31) Dallas O-line 51 Sacks 39)Cooper 21) Mack 17)Dak 21) Giants D 32)Houston O-line 52 Sacks The WRs, RBs, and QBs are all total yards. The Defense is total yards allowed. The O-line is sacks allowed. The rankings are out of all the NFL.
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