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  1. I think Sweat would have been a no brainier if he didn't have health concerns or character issues, but he did. I think Banogu will fits our scheme better. We also don't have their 2020 second round pick. The 2020 pick could end up being a better edge defender than both of them, or maybe even the next Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, or Tarik Glenn. You never know!


    The 26th pick is worth 700 points. The 49th pick is worth 410 points. 291 points or better would make the trade benefit us. In the second round of 2020 if the Redskins get the 61st (29th pick in the second round(292 points)) pick or lower we win the trade mathematically. I would say our chances are pretty solid.


    If they get the 35th pick or so like I think they will. Then the 49th pick and 35th pick add up to the 17th pick. We will win this trade unless the Redskins are super bowl bound somehow. 

  2. I know I'm getting ahead of myself. I just want to bring this up and see what conversations it generates. 


    Ballard is doing a fantastic job for the long term. 


    Just kind of a side note. Putting it on paper for myself to see. 


    3/5 of the predicted depth chart will be returning already.

    7/11(TE/TE/LT/(WR2 maybe)) Offensive Starters returning.  10/11(slotCB) Defensive starters returning. No special teams returning. 

    Sitting on 59M THIS year to extend players such as Kenny Moore(24), Anthony Cosanzo(31), Jack Doyle(29), Eric Ebron(26), Mo Ali-Cox(25), Jabaal Sheard(30), Rigaberto Sanchez(24), Devin Funchess(25), and Adam Vinetieri(46), Joe Haeg(26), and etc... 


    I added Odum and Muhammad to this one because they are under contract for 2020/2021 season. 


    For the 2020/2021 season as of now these are all of the players that will be under contract from the predicted depth chart I did. 


    QB - Luck

    RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens

    WR - Hilton, Cain, 

    TE - 86

    LT - 86

    LG - Nelson 

    C - Kelly

    RG - Glowinski

    RT - Smith

    TE - 86

    WR - Campbell, 


    DE - Houston, Muhammad*

    DT - Autry, Lewis

    NT - Hunt, Stewart

    DE - Turay

    SAM - Banogu, Adams

    MLB - Walker, Okereke

    WLB - Leonard, Speed

    CB - Desir, Wilson

    FS - Hooker, Odum*

    SS - Willis

    CB(slot) - 86

    CB - Ya-Sin, Tell


    K - 86

    P - 86

    LS - 86


    In conclusion we are getting a very very strong core of guys for the long term to build around. The correct way to rebuild in my opinion is getting closer to being finished. It seems Ballard may need to figure out how to maintain the rebuild and keep all of our core guys. The money is going to evaporate rather quickly resigning our own guys. 

  3. The back end gets tricky. There is a lot more talent this year than last year. 


    I think Ward, Lewis, and Autry are all kinda interchangeable so I wanted to get one of them as a backup DE so they could get some more reps. I think we are going to see a lot of different combos on the D-line. for instance I would be happy with any of these Autry/Ward/Hunt/Sheard     Houston/Autry/Ward/Turay   Ward/Lewis/Autry/Houston   Banogu/Ward/Stewart/Sheard. 


    Odum, Ross, and Mohammed could make the squad. We are going to be cutting some good players in my opinion unfortunately. 


    WR wise in order I think it'll be Hilton/Funchess/Campbell/Cain/Pascal/Rogers


    Everyone else feel free to make one. I would love to see them to compare please!

  4. 5 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    I think the culture was established last year.

    I agree however, there will always be new names and faces it needs to be maintained every year. And if Suh comes in too early there could be a small chance something could be thrown off balance. So, lets make sure our rookies and new free agents understand how we do things with all the right influences in place first. 

  5. I would love to see where everyone's head is at for the 53 man depth chart for week one. I know it's early just for fun too see what everyone is thinking while the draft is still fresh. Don't worry about the practice squad unless you want too. 


    QB - Luck, Brissett 

    RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens

    WR - Hilton, Campbell*, Pascal

    TE - Doyle, Ali-Cox

    LT - Costanzo, Clark

    LG - Nelson, Patterson*

    C - Kelly, Boehm

    RG - Glowinski, Haeg

    RT - Smith, Barton*

    TE - Ebron, Hentges*

    WR - Funchess, Cain, Rogers


    DE - Houston, Ward 

    DT - Autry, Lewis, Thompson*

    NT - Hunt, Stewart

    DE - Sheard, Turay

    SAM - Banogu*, Adams 

    MLB - Walker, Okereke*

    WLB - Leonard, Speed*

    CB- Desir, Tell*

    FS - Hooker, Farley, 

    SS - Geathers, Willis*, Kindred

    CB(slot) - Moore

    CB -Ya Sin*, Wilson


    K - Grandpa Vinny 

    P - Sanchez

    LS - Rhodes


    Format if you want to copy paste:


    QB - 

    RB - 

    WR - 

    TE - 

    LT - 

    LG - 

    C - 

    RG - 

    RT - 

    TE - 

    WR - 


    DE - 

    DT - 

    NT - 

    DE - 

    SAM - 

    MLB - 

    WLB - 

    CB - 

    FS - 

    SS - 

    CB(slot) - 

    CB - 


    K - 

    P - 

    LS - 

  6. On 4/27/2019 at 1:37 PM, Buck Showalter said:

    Why does this feel like Ballards approach last year, with somewhat of a doubling down effect in regards to position especially with these mid/late round picks???

    Ballard has doubled down in every draft since he has been with the colts at least 2 times every draft. I love it. It creates competition and makes the positions younger. It also make sure the vets know shape up or ship out. 


    I like this pick it is going to put Ballard in a tough spot.  


    Corners - Moore, Desir, Ya Sin, Wilson, Hairston, Collins, Tell (corner/safety)

    Safeties - Hooker, Geathers, Willis, Farley, Odum,


    Some solid players in the secondary are going to get cut, hopefully we can keep them on the practice squad.  

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  7. I'm going to use my 6th and 7th round picks to hopefully to lock up points in the first couple rounds. 


    Round 1 - 26

    A: Brian Burns Edge Florida State

    B: Jerry Tillary DT Notre Dame

    C: Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson


    Round 2a - 34

    A:  Dre'mont Jones DT Ohio State

    B: Jeffery Simmons DT Miss State

    C: Nkeal Harry WR Arizona State


    Round 2b - 59

    A: Taylor Rapp S Washington

    B: Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State
    C: Zach Allen Edge Boston College


    Round 3 - 89

    A: Vosean Joseph LB Florida

    B: Tre Lamar LB Clemson

    C: Amani Hooker S Iowa


    Round 4a - 129

    A: Max Scharping OT Northen IL

    B: Joe Jelks Edge Oregon


    Round 4b - 135

    A: Demarkus Lodge WR Ole Miss

    B: Isiaih Prince OT Ohio State


    Round 5 - 164

    A: Kendall Blanton TE Missouri
    B: Charles Omenihu Edge Texas


    Round 6 - 199

    A: Jonathon Abram S Mississippi State

    B: Jaylon Ferguson Edge Louisaina State


    Round 7 - 240

    A: Christian Wilkens DT Clemson

    B: Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia

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  8.  Who does everyone want out of remaining in FA available? and Why? 


    It seems like Ballard is late to the party again during free agency, but for the better. A lot of extremely high prices in my opinion. 


    Here's a few guys I like with a hail marry. 


    Clayton Geathers S -  I have been big on him from the start. I think there just letting him shop around so he sees his market with his own eyes then we HOPEFULLY end up locking him down for a few years.  


    Danny Shelton DT  - Be nice to steal a pat and to get a anchor for the middle of our D-Line. He will be 26 this year. He may have signed already. I think I remember seeing it, but when I'm looking it up now it says he is still available. If he is still available this is my biggest want. 


    Justin Houston Pass Rush - May have a couple years in the tank may want to come to a contender and give us a discount. We need another good pass rusher and the man has been doing it consistently for a couple years or so... He is on the older side but we need some pass rush love. 


    Zach Brown LB  - A tackling machine. See ball get ball. Doing it will for six years. You're going to get 100 tackles, a couple sacks, and maybe a pick. If he starts, Anthony Walker keeps getting better. Could just be a depth signing so we can use more draft capital to build up these lines. 


    Nick Perry Edge -  nothing guaranteed all prove it. I think he's got it he just doesn't want it. EXTREMELY high risk with a decent reward(are you feeling lucky punk?)  He can't stay healthy. Maybe a change from OLB to DE would keep him healthier and hungrier. Maybe a change of scenery would help him out. 


  9. Going to make some BIG BOLD moves and risking it for the biscuits in the off season mock. Hopefully, going to generate a lot of positive conversations between everyone!! This one got a little more crazy than intended. Overall, the team looks pretty solid though. Some of the draft picks will probably be gone but they were all available on first-pick when it was time to draft them. 


    Cap Space: Roughly 107M 


    Colts Free Agents:

    Ryan Hewitt - 2 years 900k per year - Great blocker can play full back when we rarely use one

    Dontrelle Inman - 1 year 2M per year - He can catch the ball 

    Jihad Ward - 1 year 750K per year- He was good towards the end of the year last year

    Luke Rhodes - 2 years 750K per year - Long snapper

    Matthias Farley - 2 years 1.4M per year - Good character, adds to the COLTure, Ballard likes him

    Evan Boehm - 2 years 800K per year - good backup center if Kelly goes down

    Zach Pascal - 2 years 1.1M per year - good depth

    Chester Rogers - 2 years 1.1M per year - kick/punt returner


    Cap Space: Roughly 98M



    Miami gets: Jacoby Brissett/2020-2nd round pick

    Indianpolis gets: DeVante Parker/ Xavien Howard


    New England gets: R3P26/Jack Doyle

    Indianapolis gets: R1P32


    Cap Space: Roughly 92M


    Outside Free Agents:

    Landon Collins - 4 years 10.5M per year - A safety who averages over 100 tackles per season. He can apply pressure to the QB.  


    Demarcus Lawrence - 4 years 20.5M per year(front loading contract so we can sign our players in the future years. 40M his first year) - A top five pass rush specialist. I think the longer the it takes for Dallas to sign him the lower the chances are he gets a deal done. He said he wasn't playing on another franchise tag this year. He probably won't make it to the market, but praying for the best. 


    Rodney Gunter - 1 year 2.2M per year - Gunter is going to create competition for our young guys. 


    Alfred Morris - 1 year 900K per year - Just getting a vet at that position in case an injuries occur.


    Ryan Fitzmagic - 2 years 2M per year - FitzMAGIC 


    Jesse James - 3 years 4.5M per year - Jack Doyle and Jesse James look like they could be twin brothers


    Cap Space: Roughly 31M



    Draft Rounds: Doing this mock draft off of the website first-pick.com

    R1P26: Deandre Baker CB Georgia - I think he is the best corner in the draft. He is physical, can cover, has ball skills, looks good in zone and man. 

    R1P32: DK Metcalf WR Mississippi - It seems like most receivers in this draft can't separate yet. So, lets get the receiver with the most potential. He can make the circus catches and use his body to block out real good.

    R2P2: Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson - A powerful nose tackle for the next decade who can push back the pocket and apply some pressure

    R2P26: Andre Dillard OT Washington State - Athletic pass protector who could make for a good swing tackle 

    R4P26: Tyrel Dodson LB Texas A&M - Coverage Linebacker with good ball skills

    R4P33: Malik Gant S Marshall - Hard hitting safety 

    R5P26: Gary Jennings Jr. WR West Virginia - Throwing Darts

    R6P26: Austin Seibert K Oklahoma - Throwing Darts

    R7P26: Ryan Bee DT Marshall - Throwing Darts


    Colts Roster:

    QB: Luck, FitzMagic

    RB: Mack, Hines, Wilkens, Morris

    TE: Ebron, James, Ali-Cox, Hewitt

    WR: Hilton, Metcalf, Parker, Inman, Cain, Pascal, 

    O-Line: Costanzo, Nelson, Kelly, Glowinski, Smith

    O-Line Depth: Clark, Haeg, Boehm, Dillard


    D-Line: Sheard, Autry, Dex. LawrenceDem Lawrence

    D-Line Depth: Lewis, Turay, Stewart, Ridgeway, Ward, Gunter

    Linebackers: Leonard, Walker

    Linebacker Depth: Adams, Franklin, Moore, Dodson

    Secondary: Howard, Moore, Hooker, Collins, Baker

    Secondary Depth: Wilson, Odum, Hairston, Farley, Gant


    K/P/LS/Return-man - Vinny/Sanchez/Rhodes/Rogers

  10. 29 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    I like your thinking.  I don't think the Dolphins will be the only team to see the light.  

    Maybe Denver or Washington due to cap space. I'm hoping we get a player in return if he ends up going anywhere. I wouldn't complain about getting a pick either. 


    1 minute ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    If DeAndre Baker falls past Denver, I wouldn't mind trading pick #26 and Brissett to the Dolphins in order to acquire him. That would be a deal both teams might agree to if the Dolphins are indeed interested.

    I can get behind this but not just for DeAndre Baker maybe a pass rusher or interior D-line will fall. 

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  11. 8 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    A lot of people think Brissett won't bring back much in a trade.  The fact that makes him so appealing is he is only going to make 2 million next year.  Would u rather trade up  in the draft or  take a chance on a guy who has started in the league with mixed results for a very low price? 

    Probably take a shot on Xavien honestly. Yes, the results were mixed, but I think he has "improved" every year. We had good luck with Desir and Moore. They both improved. I think he may have great potential. Personally I think that's what I would do. 

  12. The tweet is a couple days old maybe this was posted somewhere else and I missed it if so I'm so sorry. Don't know how reliable this source is. 


    Hopefully we throw a pick in and shoot for Xavien Howard!

    Maybe their second rounder if we are really lucky; especially considering Flacco went for a fourth. (probably no chance but I can hope for the best)

    Any other trade thoughts?!

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    3 hours ago, Superman said:


    Interesting. Keeping Geathers at a premium (Eric Reid just got $7m/year, you're giving Geathers almost as much), not keeping Desir or Inman. Do you think they'll price themselves out of the Colts' range?


    I think Desir will price out. I went with Coleman because he is a competent slot veteran, and that will create competition for our young corners. 


    I chose Humphries over Inman. I think we could resign Inman. However, he is getting up there in age and we need to upgrade at receiver. Humprhies is a younger  600-850 yard slot receiver who has improved every year. 


    As for Geathers I just got a gut feeling. I'm wrong on price for him by quite a bit most likely. However, Reid and Geathers stats were similar. Geather was our third leading tackler. I think Ballard takes COLTure  into consideration, and I've read a few places where he loves Geathers around the locker room.

    By signing him for that much I think it will send a message to the locker room. We take care of our own. Hopefully, motivate our young guys to step up, and put in some work this offseason. (Wilson, Turay, Hooker, Lewis, Haeg, Mack, Kelly, Cain, Smith, etc...)


  14. Cap Space(spotrac) - 107.5M


    Our Guys:


    Clayton Geathers - 2years/13M(higher on him than most but Ballard is high on him as well from what I've read.)

    Chester Rogers - 1year/1.2M

    Ryan Hewitt - 1year/850k

    Luke Rhodes - 3years/3M

    Matthias Farley - 2years/3M

    Zach Pascal - 1year/1.1M


    Other Free Agents: We got some young building blocks and the COLTure is established. Time to target some FAs with the money we have saved up. 


    Danny Shelton - 3years/13.5M

    Trey Flowers - 5years/80M Were going to go after an Edge rusher if they make it to free agency. Whoever it is will be getting paid. 

    Justin Coleman - 2years/6M

    Jordan Hicks - 4years/28M

    Adam Humphries - 3years/33M


    Cap Space roughly: 55M


    Draft: I did a fanspeak mock. I doubt some of these guys will be at the pick I got them at.


    R1P11: Ed Oliver DT Houston - He fell so we traded our R1P26, R2P26, and our 2020 third round pick 

    R2P2: Deandre Baker CB, 

    R3P26: JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR, Stanford 

    R4P26: Taylor Rapp S, Washington

    R4P33: Isiah Prince OT, Ohio State

    R5P26: Joe Giles-Harris LB, Duke

    R6P26: Ty Johnson RB, Maryland

    R7P26: Traded to steelers for a future 5th


    Colts Roster: 


    QB: Luck, Brissett

    RB: Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Johnson

    WR: Hilton, Arcega-Whiteside, Rogers

    WR: Humphries, Cain, Pascal

    TE: Doyle, Ali-Cox

    TE: Ebron, Hewit

    LT: Castonzo, Clark

    LG: Nelson

    C: Kelly, Boehm

    RG: Glowinski, Haeg

    RT: Smith, Prince                         


    DE: Flowers, Turay, Muhammad

    3T: Oliver, Autry

    NT: Shelton, Stewart, Ridgeway

    DE: Sheard, Lewis

    WLB: Leonard, Giles-Harris

    MLB: Hicks, Walker

    SLB: Adams, Franklin

    CB: Moore, Coleman, Hairston 

    FS: Hooker, Rapp

    SS: Geathers, Farley

    CB: Baker, Wilson              


    K: Vinny

    P: Rigo

    LS: Rhodes   









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  15. 17 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Hard to answer that question.

    Once the season get completely over we will find out. I think the GMs are already talking to agents but till a deal is signed we don't know who or where these players will go.

    The rumor mill will be rolling. haha

    They're best guess and opinionated questions on what you think could happen. I understand how free agency works. I just want to see if anyone has some good theories as of now before anything is set in stone. Let me give you an example:


    I think Brandon Graham could be a colt next year. He is getting up there in age so he may not resign in Philly and he has a Frank Reich connection. I think he would get around 6 mil or so(this is just an example). 

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