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  1. I have this gut feeling an edge rusher is making it to FA and were gonna pay. I'm thinking Trey Flowers as well, but then again they may sign him since they haven't traded him yet to get max value. Maybe its just wishful thinking on my end.
  2. They're best guess and opinionated questions on what you think could happen. I understand how free agency works. I just want to see if anyone has some good theories as of now before anything is set in stone. Let me give you an example: I think Brandon Graham could be a colt next year. He is getting up there in age so he may not resign in Philly and he has a Frank Reich connection. I think he would get around 6 mil or so(this is just an example).
  3. I agree completely, but they aren't signed now just wondering everyone's thought on the questions.
  4. How much do we pay the person or persons you think? Why do you think they will be a colt? Why/How are they reaching free agency? Any other insight?
  5. I'm making another. I really enjoy doing these a lot and I'm very depressed since there wont be colts football for another eight months. If anyone has a problem with me doing so many please tell me and I can slow down. Cap Space roughly 122M Resign: Vinny 1 year/3M Pierre Desir 2 years/9M Clayton Geathers 2 years/8M Mark Glowinski - 4 years/14.4M Zach Pascal - 1 year/900k Matthais Farley - 1 year/1M Evan Boehm - 2 years/2.8M Eric Swoope - 1 year/750k Ryan Hewitt - 1 year/850k Cap Space Roughly 100M Free Agents: Trey Flowers - 5 years/76M - 30M the first year front loading hard so we have more money to sign our own guys in the future. We need a pass rusher bad and we got the money. Also a great run stopper. He has got the best chance of the pass rushers to hit free agency (hopefully, Lawrence wants out of Dallas); therefore, this pick is going to be very repetitive. Tre Boston - 3 years/9.9M -Would be a great backup behind Hooker also he is big enough to get in the box and play a coverage line-backer if need be. Cap Space: 66M Trade: We trade our third round pick and Mo Ali-Cox for Cooper Kupp (6'2" 208lbs). He is coming off IR (ACL Tear in November) so we can get him for cheap (hopefully). He was on pace for over 1,000 yard last season before he got injured. He is third on the Rams depth chart behind Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks. Draft: R1P26 - Dexter Lawrence DT, Clemson - A big Nose Tackle that can eat up double teams and stop the run very well R2P2 - Chris Lindstorm OG, Boston College - An athletic flexible guard who is good at everyone but great at nothing yet. R2P26 - Amani Oruwariye CB, Penn State - A quick big body CB with ball skills. Our zone should be a good fit for him. R4P26 - David Stills WR, West Virginia - good size to go well with TY and fantastic hands and a good redzone threat (at least in college) R4P33 - Trevon Coney LB, Notre Dame - A tackling machine R5P26 - Amani Bledsoe DT, Oklahoma - Dont know really anything about him but I like his name (throwing darts) R6P26 - Jazz Ferguson WR, Northwestern State - Another Big wideout with some great hands and jump ball ability and can get downfield R7P26 - Qadree Ollison RB, Pittsburgh - A big RB to get across that one yard line when it matters Colts Roster: QB - Luck, Brissett RB - Mack, Hines, Wilsin, Ollison WR - Hilton, Stills, Ferguson TE - Ebron, Swoope LT - Castonzo, Clark LG - BigQ, C - Kelly, Boehm RG - Glowinski, Lindstorm RT - Smith, Haeg TE - Doyle, Hewitt WR - Kupp, Cain, Pascal Edge - Sheard, Turray, Muhammad NT - Lawrence, Stewart UT - Autry, Ridgeway, Bledsoe Edge - Flowers, Lewis WLB - Leonard, Adams ILB - Walker, Coney SAM - Franklin CB - Moore, Oruwariye, Hairston FS - Hooker, Boston, Odum SS - Geathers, Farley CB - Desir, Wilson P - Sanchez K - Vinny LS - Boehm
  6. Upgrading all of these positions will improve our chances I think. 3T/NT/DE (the entire d line we need to pressure the QB and stop the run better) WR (compliment to TY) S (a back up to hooker and geathers (hopefully resigned to at least a prove it deal) when they get injured or possibly another one to play as a coverage LBer with the other two of them on the field) CB (we have two good young ones but another one would be great) O-Line (always need competition/depth) A healthy Doyle would help a lot as well. Also, since our coaches will be in their second year; maybe upgrading our offensive and defensive systems to confuse other teams.
  7. Desir Vinny Farley Pascal or Rogers Geathers Glowinski
  8. This is probably the most excited I've been about a Colts off-season in a long time. We got 120M+ in cap space. We got a solid core to build around. Our franchise QB is healthy. We got an All-PRO rookie linebacker and guard. We have six draft picks in the first four rounds. This could be an extremely productive off-season with Ballard at the wheel.
  9. I don't know exactly but I really think both are coming back and I also believe if Landon from the giants hits the open market we may sign him as well. If we get all three I could see something like the Chargers do.
  10. Cap Space for the teams: according to spotrac Atlanta 20.4M Seattle 60.3M New York Giants 27.2M Dallas 50.9M New England 25.4M Houston 67M Kansas City 40M Grady Jarrett, Trey Flowers, and Landon Collins could all sneak through to FA. Lawrence has a chance (not a great chance but a chance) to make it as well. The tag for him would be about 20.5M. Some other money going to sign our own guys and some to the draft picks. Maybe some money on the D-line. Maybe another O-lineman. He said we want 8 starters on D-line and 10 on the o-lines. If none of them hit the market probably just competition guys. I really hope he makes a splash or two if some of "big names" hit the market.
  11. I agree with most. This is kinda high hopes for me. I went strong on safetys because some teams are running three at a time and using one or two as linebackers. I grabbed Baker because he was still there. I just did a fanspeak mock draft. Personally, I think he is the best CB in the draft. I'm probably wrong though. Doing those two things above sets our Secondary and Linebackers up for the next 3 years as long as we resign Kenny Moore in 2020. (on paper) Then we can focus on Drafting both trenches and play-makers. Lawrence is throwing up a hail mary praying something happens and he hits the market. Thank you for all the feedback much appreciated!!!!
  12. Cap Space roughly 121.5M Resign: I think the price for resigning our squad is going to increase the farther we progress in the playoffs. Vinny - 1 year/3M (3M per year) Mark Glowinski - 4 years/18M (4.5M per year) Clayton Geathers - 2 years/7.6M (3.8M per year) Pierre Desir - 2 years/8.4M (4.2M per year) Matthias Farley - 1 year/900k (900k per year) Evan Boehm - 2 years/2.2M (1.1M per year) Margus Hunt - 1 year/2.4M (2.4M per year) Chester Rogers 2 years/2M (1M per year) Cap Space : Roughly 101M Free Agents: Not signing a lot of free agents. I think it will be quality over quantity. Demarcus Lawrence - 5 years/99M (19.8M per year) I highly doubt he hits FA. If he does Ballard is going to spend some money and Eberflus connection. Landon Collins - 4 years/38.8M (9.7M per year) I know I signed Geathers too. Doubling down on the position since we don't have to resign Hooker for a few years still. Jordan Hicks - 3 years/12.6M (4.2M per year) Philly connection and would be a great linebacker to go with our young dominant duo. Jordan Matthews - 1 year/1M (1M per year) I may be wrong. I think he was under Reich in Philly for a year and that years stats line didn't look bad. Cap Space: Roughly 66M Draft: Just did a fanspeak one R1P22: Jeffery Simmons DT, Mississippi State R2P2: Deandre Baker CB, Georgia R2P22: Chris Lindstorm G, Boston College R3P26: Lil'Jordan Humphry WR, Texas R4:P22: Vosean Joseph LB, Florida R4P33: Joe Jackson Edge, Miami R5P22: Edwin Alexander DT, LSU R6P22: Isiaih Prince OT, Ohio Stats R7P22: Alex Barnes RB, Kansas State Colts Roster: QB - Luck, Brissett RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens Barnes TE - Doyle, Ebron, Ali-Cox, WR - Hilton, Humphry, Matthews, Rogers, Cain, Pascal LT - Castonzo, Clark LG - BigQ, Lindstorm C - Kelly, Boehm RG - Glowinski, Haeg RT - Smith, Prince Edge - Sheard, Lewis, Muhammad, UT - Autry, Simmons, Ridgeway NT - Hunt, Alexander, Stewart Edge - Lawrence, Turray, Jackson WLB - Leonard, Adams MLB - Walker, Hicks SAM - Joseph, Franklin CB - Moore, Baker, Hairston, S - Hooker, Farley S - Collins, Geathers CB - Desir, Wilson P - Sanchez K - Vinny
  13. 1st Derrick Brown DT Auburn 2nd Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State 3rd Kaleb McGary OT Washington 4th Joe Giles-Haris LB Duke 7th Kavontae Turpin WR TCU
  14. good read I would add another DT instead of Covington especially since Woods and Hunt are walking. I also wouldn't spend that much on a SLB. That position isn't valued in our system and rarely plays. Most of the time were just running the two linebackers with an extra DB. Other than those two things I really like it a lot.
  15. I think it is safe to say the colts ended up having a very good regular season after a rocky start. I would like to know what position group surprised you the most in the regular season with their performance?
  16. The top three receivers I would like to read about are below in order. Lil' Jordan Humphrey he is 6'4" 225lbs DK Metcalf DeMarkus Lodge he is 6'2" 204lbs. If you are doing a D-lineman I would like Derrick Brown or the entire Clemson D-line. That line is very good and they are hard for me to get a grasp on individually.
  17. Thank you! I still think Ballard is gonna spend this free agency. I don't know where exactly but I could see a couple D-lineman and drafting a couple as well. I agree with drafting an O-lineman in the first three rounds. I think that is going to keep happening. As for WR there aren't really any good ones this FA class. The only good one IMO just got resigned. I think the draft would be the way to go whether it be Brown, Brown, Harry, Harmon, etc... I really have a hunch Ballard is gonna spend some money and make some moves. This is going to be a very exciting off-season!! Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
  18. That's upsetting that he got resigned and agreed.
  19. I went high for Jarrett because his production is about the same as Suh. Suh is making 14 mil. Jarrett is 4 or 5 years younger and Donald is't playing right next to him either. You're probably right though it's high. How much you think he gets wherever he goes?
  20. Thanks for all the feed back everyone. Will do some more later on. The mock off-seasons are probably my favorite so I thought I'd make a go at it.
  21. I'm newer to the forum this is my first time doing this would appreciate all feedback. Cap Space heading into the 2019 Off-Season according to spotrac: 122M Resign: Mark Glowinski- 4 years 4.3M per year Vinny- 30 years 3M per year hes going to play till hes 70 LOL (but really just 1 year 3M) Clayton Geathers- 3 years 4.3M per year (I'm a little higher on him than most people) Matthias Farley- 1 year 1.1M per year Pierre Desir- 2 years 2.8M per year Evan Boehm- 1 year 900K per year Matt Slauson- 1 year 1.4M per year Free Agents: I think Ballard is going to come out swinging this free agency. I think we have a good young core (Leonard, Mack, Big Q, Kelly, Smith, Walker, Hooker, Lewis, plus a couple more.) and the COLTure has changed. As long as we keep drafting good the core will only get better. Brock Osweiler- 2 years 1.2M per year Backup QB Qunicy Enunwa- 2 years 6.9M per year. He could be the real deal with Luck and the right system. Trey Flowers- 5 years 16.2M per year. Probably overpaying but very young progressing so far every year. Equally good against pass and run. Plus the rivalry is back on. Grady Jarrett- 4 years 14.9M per year. Very good DT. I know that this draft class is loaded with them but Ballard says he wants eight quality starters on the D-Line. Adrian Amos- 2 years 3.8M per year. A good tackling safety who can get the interceptions if in the right place perfect Ty Montgomery- 1 year 1.1M per year. Depth and another gadget player for Reich to play with Remaining Cap Space: Roughly 58M Draft: TRADE: We trade our R2P21, R4P22, a future round three pick and Jacoby Brissett to the New York Giants for their R1P10 Round 1 Pick 10 Jonah Williams, OT Alabama- Operation keep Luck standing for the next decade Round 1 Pick 22 Dexter Lawrence, NT Clemson - Monster NT that can get to the QB whilst stopping the run Round 2 Pick 3 Kelvin Harmon, WR NC State - all around a good sized receiver who can catch the ball Round 3 Pick 21 Gerald Willis, DT Miami- Can create some interior pressure Round 5 Pick 22 Joe Giles-Harris, LB Duke - Coverage Linebacker who can tackle should be a good backup behind walker or Leonard Round 6 Pick 21 Mitchell Wilcox, TE South Florida- Throwing darts Round 7 Pick 22 Gary Jennings, WR West Virginia- Name is close to Greg Jennings (another dart) Colts 2019 Roster: Offense: 25 QB- Luck, Osweiler RB- Mack, Hines, Wilkens, Montgomery TE- Doyle, Ebron, Alie-Cox, Wilcox WR- Hilton, Enunwa, Harmon, Cain, Pascal, Jennings LT- Castonzo, Williams LG- Big Q C- Kelly, Boehm RG- Glowinski, Slauson RT- Smith, Haeg Defense: 25 Edge- Flowers, Turray NT- Lawrence, Stewart DT- Jarrett, Autry, Willis Edge- Sheard, Lewis WLB- Leonard, Giles-Harris MLB- Walker, Moore SLB- Adams, Franklin FS- Hooker, Amos, Odum SS- Geathers, Fairley CB- Moore, Wilson, Hairston CB- Love, Desir Special Teams: 3 Sanchez, Vinny, Rhodes
  22. No to Golden Tate. Maybe yes to Quincy Enunwa though. Eric Ebron with the Lions has very similar numbers to Quincy Enunwa now. If I had to pick a reciever CB would sign it'd be this one. With Luck this dude could be a stud.
  23. I think waiver wire order is same as draft order so we'd be around 20 or so. I'm probably wrong,; I'm just best guessing. But it'd make us have a good safety trio.
  24. I think Ballard likes to double up on positions in drafts to create more competition. I also went all in on this draft this year to try to speed up the "rebuilding" process. High risk high reward. I traded our first round pick this year and our first round pick next year for Oaklands first round pick 25 and 27 and their second round pick two. 25: R1P25 EDGE JACHAI POLITE- very high ceiling perfect for robert mathis to work with FLORIDA 27: R1P27 DL JEFFERY SIMMONS- 3 technique with character issues can move blockers very well MISSISSIPPI STATE 34: R2P2 CB DEANDRE BAKER- little smaller but great cover corner GEORGIA 36: R2P4 DL DEXTER LAWRENCE- nose tackle can take up blockers stop the run and get to the quarterback. CLEMSON 51: R2P19 CB AMANI ORUWARIYE- big corner better for zone so should fit our system well PENN STATE 82: R3P18 WR KELVIN HARMON- big body great awareness could be a good number 2 but we have bad luck with receivers for some reason NC STATE 121: R4P19 OT KALEB MCGARY- good back up at right tackle before smith got settled in right tackle was a revolving door WASHINGTON 135: R4P33 LB JOE GILES-HARRIS- good coverage linebacker should fit in great with our WLB & MLB. Anthony Walker went down this week and you could tell he wasn't in the lineup DUKE 158: R5P19 OT ISAIAH PRINCE- ballard wants ten olinemen so he is going to keep drafting them OHIO STATE 193: R6P18 QB JARRETT STIDHAM- getting an option so we have an option to trade Jacoby and get more draft capital AUBURN 235: R7P19 EDGE ULYSEES GILBERT III- throwing a dart in the seventh round because i like his name AKRON
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