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  1. Cap Space according to spotrac: 86M Resign: Anthony Castonzo - 2 years/ 30M Clayton Geathers 1 year / 3M Joe Haeg - 3 years/ 6M La'Raven Clark - 1year/ 2M Cap Space: 64M Free Agents: Jadaveon Clowney - 4 years/ 80M DJ Reader 4 years/ 50M Kendrick Bourne - 1year/ 3M Jacob Hollister - 2 years/ 8M Cap Space: 24.5M On The Clock Mock Draft: This is how the Board fell R1P13 - Javon Kinlaw R2P2 - Jordon Love R2P12 - Isaiah Wilson R3P11 - Jalen Reagor R4P16 - Antonio Gandy-Golden R5P14 - AJ Green R6P14 - Kendall Coleman R6P32 - Dalton Keene R7P13 - A Kicker Colts 2 Deep QB - Brissett, Love RB - Mack, Hines WR1 - Hilton, Bourne WR2 - Reagor, Gandy-Golden TE1 - Doyle, Ali-Cox TE2 - Holister, Keene LT - Castonzo, Wilson LG - Nelson, Eldenkamp C - Kelly, Patterson RG - Glowinski, Haeg RT - Smith, Clark DE - Clowney, Turay DT - Kinlaw, Autry DT - Reader, Hunt DE - Houston, Banagu/Muhammed LB - Leonard, Speed LB - Walker , Okereke LB - Adams, Franklin CB - Desir, Wilson CB - Moore, Green S - Hooker, Odum S - Willis, Geathers CB - Ya-Sin, Tell K - 7th Round Pick with massive watermelons P - Sanchez
  2. When I think about it were not going to be paying a QB for at least 4 more years unless we sign a FA. So why not start dividing that money up of the next four years. 23M is excessive you're right. I definitely exaggerated that number and that on me. Donald is at 22.5M and Mr. Jones isn't that good(yet). JJ Watt is at 16.7M and he only plays half seasons. I could see 18M to 20M for Mr. Jones if he hits the market. I have no problem with either one of those figures as long as the contract is five years or less. Maybe even front load the first two years a bit. To be on the safe side due to everyone we will be resigning. ^ this is why I'm not a GM. No self-control.
  3. 1) Chris Jones 2) Anthony Costanzo 3) Yannick Ngakoue 4) Austin Hooper 5/6) Amari Cooper 5/6) Cory Littleton 7) Marcus Peters or Byron Jones My wishlist in order. With that being said Chris Jones is in a tier of his own. He is the only one I'd be willing to break the bank for. I'm talking 5 years 23M a year. If we get any two of these players I would more than ecstatic.
  4. The last question my laptop submitted prematurely. The last option was going to be start from scratch.
  5. Touching base on everyone thoughts for resignings, the GOAT, and our coaching staff? Would love to see everyone thoughts on all these questions. Sorry for bombarding just very curious especially during this point in the season!
  6. Touching base on everyone's quarterback thoughts, early draft needs, and high value free agents. Would love to see where everyone's head is at during this trying time in the season. I have a couple more questions. I will most likely have a part 2 coming out shortly!
  7. I don't think our team overall is looking too horrible this year considering our loss to the Dolphins. On a side not that loss hurt my soul. It was very depressing. In no particular order our needs right now: An Elite - Edge/Pass Rusher or DT A Stud - Edge/Pass Rusher or DT Number 1 - WR Depth 7- 9 - Oline After the Season is over and free agency starts: A consistent pass catching touchdown grabbing Eric Ebron, (A TE unless we resign both of them.) A Stud LT or resign Castonzo(I'd prefer Castonzo) A Starting or Backup SS Most Importantly: A DECISION - Continue with Jacoby. I like him, the team likes him, and the staff likes him. I would rate him for 13-18 for QB range. However, I personally think when he is in the whole entire team steps their game up. (offense/defense/special teams) I know I'm about to take some heat for that. OR Find a franchise QB. Maybe tank next season for Trevor Lawrence. Trade the house for whoever we could get. Trade up this year for someone. We have more than enough money and draft capital for almost all of these options. We won't be able to determine this till the season is over however. I hope Jacoby has a MVP type second half of the season and takes us a couple rounds deep in the playoffs. Ballard put together a pretty solid team around him except for WRs, which we have the most horrible luck with.
  8. Next Week: Colts at Steelers Colts W Texans at Jaguars Jaguars W (Jags got a chance at home) Titans at Panthers Panthers W Not looking too bad for us as long as Steelers don't beat up on us like they have been the past few seasons.
  9. Just going to throw this out there. Next off season there is a good chance were going to have over 100mil to play with. I'm not saying blow it all by any means. I know were going to have a lot of our own to extend. However, I wouldn't be upset if we signed a top free agent or two. I know it's early but I'm going to throw out some names for giggles... Chris Jones Amari Cooper AJ Green Yannick Ngakoue Leonard Williams Jadeveon Clowney Arik Armstead
  10. Atlanta has got to cut a lot of players in order to resign/extend him. They have negative money to play with next year.
  11. I agree with the DT I'm praying one of the studs makes it to FA. If we can't pull any in FA I would move DT to one pick in the first two rounds. That name Yuter is very unique! I picked Mo Ali-Cox and Doyle to resign. Ima let Ebron walk. Then I got Austin Hooper in FA from Atlanta. I think for the D-line we need to push the draft or sign whatever stud makes it to FA.
  12. I know this is way to early but killing some time Resign: Anthony Castonzo - 3 years Jack Doyle - 2 years Clayton Geathers - 1 year Joe Haeg - 4 years Mo Ali-cox - 4 years Zach Pascal - 1 years Free Agents: ( I know most wont make it to free agency but just playing around) A kicker - 3 years AJ Green - 2 years - We're hopefully gonna get a functioning receiver besides TY from somewhere this off-season. We've had horrible luck with receivers we have the money lets swing for the fences. He should most likely have a year or two left in the tank. Just front load the contract for when the worst happens. Probably the most realistic of the good recievers to hit free agency in my opinion. Austin Hooper - 4 years Falcons have no money next year. They gotta make cuts and Hooper is having a fantastic season, and has always had consistent hands. Not as many TDs as Ebron, but he moves the chains. Chris Jones(lol(Mahomes' contract is coming up and maybe Houston will recruit him))/Jordan Phillips/Arik Armstead/Vernon Butler/A'Shawn Robinson/Leonard Williams/Maliek Collins/ - 4 years(lock one of them up) Take your pick, We need to upgrade our "NT". We just need a big, mean, nasty dude who wants to eat blockers. Draft: Fanspeak Rounds 1-4 R1P23: Ceedee Lamb WR Oklahoma - We're hopefully gonna get a functioning receiver besides TY from somewhere this off-season R2P3: Yuter Gross-Matos Edge Penn State - can stop the run on the way to the QB R2P23: Austin Jackson OT USC - I think he is about to start shooting up boards R3P23: Lorenzo Neal DT Purdue - competition in the trenches R4P23: Logan Stenburg G Kentucky - competition in the trenches
  13. If I would building from scratch: QB - Russel Wilson LT - Laramy Tunsil Nickel - Kenny Moore DE - Khalil Mack DE (one on each side if has to be different position DT) - Myles Garrett/Aaron Donald FS - Kevin Byard C - Ryan Kelly
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