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  1. I have a feeling they may go for two of them. If they don't trade out. Maybe Higgins at 34 then Pittman at 44. I was also thinking Mims may be an options as well.
  2. Who does everyone say we take tonight? Trade back or forward; with who? Any good guesses? My three picks today gonna be a little different. I've noticed Ballard normally likes to double up on positions throughout the draft. 34 Tee Higgins - Get a bigger body receiver for Rivers and it's our biggest position of need imo. 44 Michael Pittman Jr or Denzel Mims - Getting another receiver in hopes of not hearing receiver being a position of need for the next three years with a hopeful extension for TY. Then we have Campbell, Higgins, and Pittman (or Mims) for 3 more ye
  3. WR: Hilton Jeudy Gandy-Golden Campbell Pascal Johnson TE: Hooper Doyle Ali-Cox
  4. I got a feeling he is going to spend some money this offseason. Cap Space: 71M Resign/Cut : 4M Hunt Save 4M We sign a real NT in FA Le'Raven Clark - 2years/4M Depth Geathers SS - 2years/4M - Bring him back to maintain culture and for depth Haeg OG - 3years/9M - a good depth lineman will have to overpay because line is too goo Johnson WR - 1year/1M - homegrown talent give him another year shot has potential Cap Space: 67M FA: 39M Jadeveon Clowney Edge - 5years/95M I've seen a couple reports link
  5. very good news for us. called this a month or so ago only 3 mil off
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