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  1. Just going to throw this out there. Next off season there is a good chance were going to have over 100mil to play with. I'm not saying blow it all by any means. I know were going to have a lot of our own to extend. However, I wouldn't be upset if we signed a top free agent or two. I know it's early but I'm going to throw out some names for giggles... Chris Jones Amari Cooper AJ Green Yannick Ngakoue Leonard Williams Jadeveon Clowney Arik Armstead
  2. Atlanta has got to cut a lot of players in order to resign/extend him. They have negative money to play with next year.
  3. I agree with the DT I'm praying one of the studs makes it to FA. If we can't pull any in FA I would move DT to one pick in the first two rounds. That name Yuter is very unique! I picked Mo Ali-Cox and Doyle to resign. Ima let Ebron walk. Then I got Austin Hooper in FA from Atlanta. I think for the D-line we need to push the draft or sign whatever stud makes it to FA.
  4. I know this is way to early but killing some time Resign: Anthony Castonzo - 3 years Jack Doyle - 2 years Clayton Geathers - 1 year Joe Haeg - 4 years Mo Ali-cox - 4 years Zach Pascal - 1 years Free Agents: ( I know most wont make it to free agency but just playing around) A kicker - 3 years AJ Green - 2 years - We're hopefully gonna get a functioning receiver besides TY from somewhere this off-season. We've had horrible luck with receivers we have the money lets swing for the fences. He should most likely have a year or two left in the tank. Just front load the contract for when the worst happens. Probably the most realistic of the good recievers to hit free agency in my opinion. Austin Hooper - 4 years Falcons have no money next year. They gotta make cuts and Hooper is having a fantastic season, and has always had consistent hands. Not as many TDs as Ebron, but he moves the chains. Chris Jones(lol(Mahomes' contract is coming up and maybe Houston will recruit him))/Jordan Phillips/Arik Armstead/Vernon Butler/A'Shawn Robinson/Leonard Williams/Maliek Collins/ - 4 years(lock one of them up) Take your pick, We need to upgrade our "NT". We just need a big, mean, nasty dude who wants to eat blockers. Draft: Fanspeak Rounds 1-4 R1P23: Ceedee Lamb WR Oklahoma - We're hopefully gonna get a functioning receiver besides TY from somewhere this off-season R2P3: Yuter Gross-Matos Edge Penn State - can stop the run on the way to the QB R2P23: Austin Jackson OT USC - I think he is about to start shooting up boards R3P23: Lorenzo Neal DT Purdue - competition in the trenches R4P23: Logan Stenburg G Kentucky - competition in the trenches
  5. If I would building from scratch: QB - Russel Wilson LT - Laramy Tunsil Nickel - Kenny Moore DE - Khalil Mack DE (one on each side if has to be different position DT) - Myles Garrett/Aaron Donald FS - Kevin Byard C - Ryan Kelly
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    I love Doyle but if Hentges is a better version. I'm going to get shot for saying this. Should we try to shop Doyle? If we can get enough for him. Honestly we missed Doyle after he went down for the first couple games but we figured it out shortly after. We did not perform poorly without Doyle. There may be some value there and we could save a roster spot this way.
  7. I would trade him only if... 1) Luck is a full go week one no pain anywhere. 2) If Kelly continues to play well. 3) After week 4. 4) we get a good enough offer for him or maybe package him with one of our seconds next year for a STUD D-lineman.
  8. Sanchez - resigned off by 1M total Moore - resigned waiting on numbers Rhodes - resigned missed that one.
  9. I know it's way to early, but I enjoy free agent predictions, re-signings, and mock draft almost as much as football season. Who does everyone think were going to resign for the 2020 season. For how much total and how many years. Would love to see everyone TOO early predictions!!! Hopefully get a general consensus what are team will look like for the next few years. Players set to be free agents for the 2020 Season: Jacoby Brissett Devin Funchess 3years/39M (I think he is going to ball out this season) Chester Rogers Anthony Costanzo - 2years/27M Zach Pascal Eric Ebron - 3years/22.5M (He will regress(I hope I'm wrong)) Jack Doyle Mo Ali-Cox - 2year/2M Ross Travis Joe Haeg - 4years/14M LeRaven Clark Evan Boehm Jabaal Sheard Luke Rhodes Kenny Moore - 5 years/42.5M (I think he will improve again and everything I read about him is positive (everyone loves him)) Clayton Geathers Matthias Farley Chris Milton Grandpa Vinny 1year/3M (If he doesn't retire) Rigoberto Sanchez 4years/8M
  10. I think he will resign some of our players but as of now with no one being resigned. This is how I have the position rankings. When they resign Ebron, Costanzo, Ali-Cox, Haeg, and Clark then the positions will change. As of now with no one being resigned TE is a clear cut number one unless everyone is happy with Billy Brown and Hale Hentges. I have NT/DT in tier 2 and have it labeled we need a solid started. We will have Autry, Lewis, and Hunt all under contract. I dont think those positions need to be in Tier 1 which is labeled we need to rebuild the position, but an upgrade for those positions would be great. Honestly, the more I keep looking at NT the less value for that position I see. If you look at our D-line right now. We have one true NT Stewart (330 lbs) After that we have five line man 260-290 lbs (Autry, Lewis, Ward, Hunt, and Lewis). Then we have Turay (220). Then from 250-260 (sheard, Houston, Green.) For the edge, I think we need to start looking to find two building blocks; possibly rebuild the position. Back up the brinks truck for a young stud Edge player. Sheard will be a FA. Houston is getting up there in age. That leaves Turay a second round second year player who had four sacks and fifteen total tackles last year one. It also leaves Green a fourth round rookie. Lewis is more of a DT to me they may transition him outside more if injuries occur, but I think they are looking to replace Autry with him.
  11. I know it's really early but, if anyone wants to get a head start on looking at next years draft prospects or free agents. This is my positional needs ranking from most needed to least needed at this time. Tier 1 we need to rebuild the position. Tier 2 we need solid starters. Tier 3 Depth. Tier 4 not needed at all. Tier 1: TE - Everyone is a free agent. LT - Castonzo, Clark, and Haeg are all free agents. Hopefully at least resign Castonzo and Haeg will be resigned if not all three. DE - Sheard is a FA. We will have Houston, Turay, Green, and a couple roster bubble guys. We will need two solid young starters. K - Vinny is getting old he may have another who knows P - Rigo is RFA probably will be resigned Tier 2: CB - Moore will be a FA. We still have RYS, Desir, and Wilson but retaining Moore is a must in my opinion. SS - Willis isn't proven yet and Geathers is a FA. WR - We will need a taller wide receiver still in my opinion(maybe not). Funchess will be a FA. We still have Hilton 5'9", Campbell 6' , and Cain 6'2" NT - An upgrade here would be awesome Tier 3: DT - depth/upgrade QB - Need a backup or to retain Brissett C - Depth RT - Depth G - Depth Tier 4: RB - 4th string MLB SAM WLB FS
  12. I think Sweat would have been a no brainier if he didn't have health concerns or character issues, but he did. I think Banogu will fits our scheme better. We also don't have their 2020 second round pick. The 2020 pick could end up being a better edge defender than both of them, or maybe even the next Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney, or Tarik Glenn. You never know! The 26th pick is worth 700 points. The 49th pick is worth 410 points. 291 points or better would make the trade benefit us. In the second round of 2020 if the Redskins get the 61st (29th pick in the second round(292 points)) pick or lower we win the trade mathematically. I would say our chances are pretty solid. If they get the 35th pick or so like I think they will. Then the 49th pick and 35th pick add up to the 17th pick. We will win this trade unless the Redskins are super bowl bound somehow.
  13. I know I'm getting ahead of myself. I just want to bring this up and see what conversations it generates. Ballard is doing a fantastic job for the long term. Just kind of a side note. Putting it on paper for myself to see. 3/5 of the predicted depth chart will be returning already. 7/11(TE/TE/LT/(WR2 maybe)) Offensive Starters returning. 10/11(slotCB) Defensive starters returning. No special teams returning. Sitting on 59M THIS year to extend players such as Kenny Moore(24), Anthony Cosanzo(31), Jack Doyle(29), Eric Ebron(26), Mo Ali-Cox(25), Jabaal Sheard(30), Rigaberto Sanchez(24), Devin Funchess(25), and Adam Vinetieri(46), Joe Haeg(26), and etc... I added Odum and Muhammad to this one because they are under contract for 2020/2021 season. For the 2020/2021 season as of now these are all of the players that will be under contract from the predicted depth chart I did. QB - Luck RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens WR - Hilton, Cain, TE - 86 LT - 86 LG - Nelson C - Kelly RG - Glowinski RT - Smith TE - 86 WR - Campbell, DE - Houston, Muhammad* DT - Autry, Lewis NT - Hunt, Stewart DE - Turay SAM - Banogu, Adams MLB - Walker, Okereke WLB - Leonard, Speed CB - Desir, Wilson FS - Hooker, Odum* SS - Willis CB(slot) - 86 CB - Ya-Sin, Tell K - 86 P - 86 LS - 86 In conclusion we are getting a very very strong core of guys for the long term to build around. The correct way to rebuild in my opinion is getting closer to being finished. It seems Ballard may need to figure out how to maintain the rebuild and keep all of our core guys. The money is going to evaporate rather quickly resigning our own guys.
  14. The back end gets tricky. There is a lot more talent this year than last year. I think Ward, Lewis, and Autry are all kinda interchangeable so I wanted to get one of them as a backup DE so they could get some more reps. I think we are going to see a lot of different combos on the D-line. for instance I would be happy with any of these Autry/Ward/Hunt/Sheard Houston/Autry/Ward/Turay Ward/Lewis/Autry/Houston Banogu/Ward/Stewart/Sheard. Odum, Ross, and Mohammed could make the squad. We are going to be cutting some good players in my opinion unfortunately. WR wise in order I think it'll be Hilton/Funchess/Campbell/Cain/Pascal/Rogers Everyone else feel free to make one. I would love to see them to compare please!
  15. I agree however, there will always be new names and faces it needs to be maintained every year. And if Suh comes in too early there could be a small chance something could be thrown off balance. So, lets make sure our rookies and new free agents understand how we do things with all the right influences in place first.
  16. I would give myself a red F. I did horrible. I can honestly say Paris Campbell is the only person I got right out of the tenish I've done on here and other forums combined. The spot wasn't even right on that note.
  17. I would love to see where everyone's head is at for the 53 man depth chart for week one. I know it's early just for fun too see what everyone is thinking while the draft is still fresh. Don't worry about the practice squad unless you want too. QB - Luck, Brissett RB - Mack, Hines, Wilkens WR - Hilton, Campbell*, Pascal TE - Doyle, Ali-Cox LT - Costanzo, Clark LG - Nelson, Patterson* C - Kelly, Boehm RG - Glowinski, Haeg RT - Smith, Barton* TE - Ebron, Hentges* WR - Funchess, Cain, Rogers DE - Houston, Ward DT - Autry, Lewis, Thompson* NT - Hunt, Stewart DE - Sheard, Turay SAM - Banogu*, Adams MLB - Walker, Okereke* WLB - Leonard, Speed* CB- Desir, Tell* FS - Hooker, Farley, SS - Geathers, Willis*, Kindred CB(slot) - Moore CB -Ya Sin*, Wilson K - Grandpa Vinny P - Sanchez LS - Rhodes Format if you want to copy paste: QB - RB - WR - TE - LT - LG - C - RG - RT - TE - WR - DE - DT - NT - DE - SAM - MLB - WLB - CB - FS - SS - CB(slot) - CB - K - P - LS -
  18. Ballard has doubled down in every draft since he has been with the colts at least 2 times every draft. I love it. It creates competition and makes the positions younger. It also make sure the vets know shape up or ship out. I like this pick it is going to put Ballard in a tough spot. Corners - Moore, Desir, Ya Sin, Wilson, Hairston, Collins, Tell (corner/safety) Safeties - Hooker, Geathers, Willis, Farley, Odum, Some solid players in the secondary are going to get cut, hopefully we can keep them on the practice squad.
  19. I would like Suh if we could get him later. Like right before the preseason starts so the COLTure is established already. If we do get him just for a year maybe two max if the price is right.
  20. Cards- Quinnen Williams 49ers - Nick Bosa Jets - Josh Allen Raiders - Ed Oliver Bucs - Devin White Giants - Dwayne Haskins Jags - TJ Hockenson Lions - Rashan Gary Redskins (trade Bills) - Kyler Murray Broncos - Noah Fant
  21. I'm going to use my 6th and 7th round picks to hopefully to lock up points in the first couple rounds. Round 1 - 26 A: Brian Burns Edge Florida State B: Jerry Tillary DT Notre Dame C: Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson Round 2a - 34 A: Dre'mont Jones DT Ohio State B: Jeffery Simmons DT Miss State C: Nkeal Harry WR Arizona State Round 2b - 59 A: Taylor Rapp S Washington B: Amani Oruwariye CB Penn State C: Zach Allen Edge Boston College Round 3 - 89 A: Vosean Joseph LB Florida B: Tre Lamar LB Clemson C: Amani Hooker S Iowa Round 4a - 129 A: Max Scharping OT Northen IL B: Joe Jelks Edge Oregon Round 4b - 135 A: Demarkus Lodge WR Ole Miss B: Isiaih Prince OT Ohio State Round 5 - 164 A: Kendall Blanton TE Missouri B: Charles Omenihu Edge Texas Round 6 - 199 A: Jonathon Abram S Mississippi State B: Jaylon Ferguson Edge Louisaina State Round 7 - 240 A: Christian Wilkens DT Clemson B: Yodny Cajuste OT West Virginia
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