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  1. JasonABrown

    Offensive Line Take Two.....

    I'm hoping the same. 2 OL in first 5 picks. Hopefully Chubb at rd1 and then a OG / LB / DT in round 2 OT in 3rd round / RB in 4th
  2. Bring on Nelson and some other instant starters!!!!
  3. JasonABrown

    Two WR's that make sense

    Pryor could be a huge asset for us. 6'-4" and fast and has a 1,000 yard season under his belt. With Luck throwing him the ball, there is no reason to think he couldn't have a very solid year for us!
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. 2 year deal!
  5. Yes! I would imagine it IS Brian Decker. I was wondering if anyone would be talking about him. I'm still excited he will be around to help make our draft stronger. He's probably taping to study their body language.
  6. JasonABrown


    Nice man cave!