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  1. Dude intent does not matter here. It is a 3 year old. Plus if he did intend to break his arm that is some next level sadistic stuff and he belongs away from the rest of society. But I doubt it.
  2. It is fun to look ahead at 2020 draft but it is far to early to see what our needs are as a lot can happen. How will Funchess work out? Will he be another free agent WR dud? Will he even get re-signed? Will Chester even make the team? Do Cain and Campbell show enough to be the 2 and 3? What will happen to Doyle and Ebron after this year? Does AC get a new deal? Will Marlon stay healthy enough to show he can be relied on moving forward? I do have concerns of Mack and his health and I also think we could have more talent at his position although I preferably don't want to see a RB in round 1.
  3. Darius should be lower than Wagner. It would be absurd for it to be the other way around. Bobby and Luke have been the best linebackers in the league for a while now. Darius had a hell of a ROOKIE season but that doesn't catapult him above the best in the game.
  4. This is the pick I expect the most if it's going to be a WR. It may not be my preferred pick but it is my projected pick here.
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