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  1. Revala


    Threads like this are bad for discussion. I know, I know you are talking about the flat out whinerssss!!!! Is this any better? Answer. No.
  2. Revala

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Waaayyyyy to early to be comparing the two, but if we must then here we go. 2012 1. Luck We can't truly credit Grigson with this pick. It was obvious. 2. Fleener I prefer Jack Doyle 3. Allen I prefer Jack Doyle 3. Hilton A home run right here. 5. Chapman Showed a few flashes and then he was gone. 5. Ballard Showed a few flashes and then he was gone. 6. Brazill Showed a few flashes and then he was gone. 6. Anderson Showed a few flashes and then he was gone. 7. Fugger Blank 7. Harnish Blank 2017 1. Hooker This is still up in the air. Has to prove he can stay on the field, but if can then I have little doubt he will be a true difference maker. 2. Wilson Didn't see much playing time but looked good when he was out there. As of now he is the the number 1 corner and I could see him excelling in the new scheme 3. Basham Didn't look great in his first year. When he was drafted he seemed like a better fit as a 4-3 DE. Now I'm intrigued to see if there is any improvement. 4. Banner Cut early on. Bad pick 4. Mack Difference maker. Think he needs to be in a committee but he can definitely change a game. 4. Stewart Now this is where you take a project player. With that being said it is too early to pass judgment. 5. Hairston Played a lot early and played well. He only just started playing cornerback(only two years in college) so this could be just the beginning 5. Walker Jr. Maybe he fits better in the scheme or maybe he just continues to be a backup/ST. Time will tell.
  3. I will admit I have been all aboard the trade down train since day one. I am glad that Ballard pulled that trade off with the Jets, but I am hoping he is not done yet. My mock will include a few trades and maybe a few surprises as well. Let me know what you think. TRADES 6====12, 21, 96, 121(Bills) 12===15, 79, 2019 3rd(Cardinals) DRAFT (1)15: Leighton Vander Esch MLB I honestly prefer him over Edmunds. I can see him becoming one of the best middle linebackers in the league. He's instinctive, athletic, great size, and most importantly good in coverage. Could be the center of our defense for the next decade. (1)21: Harold Landry DE The best pure pass rusher in this draft. He would be a great paring with Sheard and I would love to see Mathis work with him. With us playing on turf more often than not he could have high sack production early. (2)36: Mike McGlinchey OT I could see him sliding into the early second. If he doesn't there should be a good interior lineman prospect here i.e. Wynn, Daniels, Hernandez, Price, and maybe OT Williams although I doubt it. (2)37: Carlton Davis CB I think he is a perfect fit for this new scheme we are running. He is a big physical cornerback that is real tough to throw on. Wilson and him would make a good tandem that can really help create an identity on defense. (2)49: Nick Chubb RB Would pair well with Marlon Mack. He is a tough inside runner who has enough to break off long runs. He is one of my favorite running backs in this class, but I am also high on Rashaad Penny and Royce Freeman. If Chubb is gone by this pick(which is quite possible) I would like to see Penny here. (3)67: Anthony Miller WR Honestly just a guy I want to root for. He is a hard worker who plays with a chip on his shoulder. He has been highly productive of his college career but also overlooked. I hope Ballard doesn't over look him as well. (3)79: Frank Ragnow OG/C I really like him as a prospect. He did play center throughout his time at Arkansas he has the length to play guard. Although I'd like for him to compete with Kelly for that center spot. Ballard likes to preach competition and IMO Kelly could use it. I'm not as high on Kelly as most people on here. It could be just injuries slowing him down but regardless competition is a good thing. (3)96: Allen Lazard WR I am a fan of his. He is a big bodied receiver that uses his size well. He has got strong hands that he uses well to win jump balls. He actually reminds my of Mike Evans and they have almost identical combine numbers. I'm not saying they are they same prospect coming out of college, but they do have similarities. (4)104: Fred Warner LB Was looking for a rangy athletic linebacker here and Warner fits the bill. Would definitely look at Darius Leonard here if he slides this far. (4)121: Josey Jewell LB He is a damn good linebacker. He does lack athleticism but he is smart, productive, instinctual, and fun to watch. I could see him becoming our Sean Lee in this defense. Eberflus might be happy with this pick. (5)140: Quenton Meeks CB Another big physical cornerback that could do quite well in a zone based scheme (6)178: Ito Smith RB Highly productive overlooked running back that would do best in a RBC. He is a little undersized and has a lot of tread but he is still a good running back that can help in the passing game as well. (7)220: Trey Quinn WR Could be a steal here if used properly.
  4. Revala

    tvturner's Mock #5

    Basham in no way a linebacker in the new scheme. He should be listed as a DE.
  5. I definitely see him being there at 6. I would be very surprised if any team scooped him up before the 6th pick.
  6. Revala

    [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I see him being more of a Michael Bennett type in our defense. Hopefully he performs well. I do like this signing the more I look in to it.
  7. Revala

    Grigson's draft track record

    Al Woods, Hankins, Sheard definitely had better years. I honestly liked his free agent haul last year. Unlike any year I saw under Grigson.
  8. Revala

    Joe Haeg

    Noticed he got the start at RT. How do you guys think he did? When Kelly returns I see Bond(seems like a good find) moving to LG but the RT is still up in the air. Hoping someone locks down RT with some consistent solid play.
  9. Revala

    Marlon Mack

    You don't cut a future hall of famer who has been nothing but class his entire career who doesn't have a big cap hit. PERIOD. Not unless he wants to be.