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  1. HOLY HELL! This deal right here should tell you that Grigs is a mess in this free agent market.
  2. 4th team in 5 years... Yeah, better than Mankins... and yet just keeps walking.
  3. Those grades are ridiculous. If you watched games instead of reading internet reports (which all conflict each other) you'd see this dude schooled regularly... and what kind of RT can't run block? get ready for frustration of "tackled behind the line"
  4. Thomas played OK, but on an already stacked line. But signing a backup that is 5 years in the league going on his fourth team.... not an exciting or encouraging signing. We needed legit oline help and got bargain bin players.
  5. a dream job would be a team with a decent o-line and run game. here, hes a sitting duck.
  6. that was a different time. we haven't made picks like that in a long time.
  7. Im trying to figure out why high draft picks are good compensation here? We all have seen what this team has done with its first round picks in recent years... a series of reaches and head-scratchers.
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