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  1. Luck: I promise you T.Y, that Philip kid will never replace what we have
  2. Didn't Steve Smith expose Sherman ik he's physical but still
  3. I've been Kansas City Chief Keefs for a while now
  4. Wasn't it about us saying to hire harbaugh and fire pagano?
  5. They also have Mathis for PEDs this website is a giant facepalm
  6. There's no defending this pick, we know it's bad now, we know that it's terrible by week 6 when we lose 58-14 to the patriots
  7. Fine with going 0-16 if it means grigs and pagano are fired we are wasting away Lucks career
  8. Scouting a tight end
  9. Hated the patriots first and became a colts fan because of the rivalry
  10. Buffalo since I live an hour away from the border. BTW when can we buy tickets? Only colts game I've been to was the Baltimore one in 2012 but I got those from NFL ticket exchange
  11. Okay so I have rashad Jennings Andre Williams and denard Robinson if Jennings is playing do you guys think I should go with Robinson instead?
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