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  1. To any new York colts fans looking to watch the game, direct message me so I can tell you where the official colts fan bar is in Manhattan.
  2. Both starting tackles out already makes a weak line pro ably one of the weakest.
  3. Welcome dear soccer fan to NFL fandom: Just a few things: I know an opinion is just that...an opinion but it's obvious you know nothing about scheme, including vertical offenses. Luck "held onto the ball" due to receivers needing to complete their routes. A 20 yd route compared to a 2 yard screen usually takes more time to develop I would think. So get this, of you have 3 receivers running 20 yard routes what happens? Oh idk, this thing called time. Nothing to do with coachability, all scheme. Most analysts agree that Lucks play progression and awareness is one of the best in the league, so I
  4. Clayton? The "insider"? the guys a glorified reporter not an analyst. NBC's Brian Williams says Luck is a top 5 quarterback...game over. No other opinions needed. Ron Jaworski has Luck at 10 and Jaws uses...idk game tape to make his rankings. I'll listen to an analyst who breaks down film compared to a guy who consults his barber, or lack thereof on qb rankings. Oh and btw, a knock on manning coming out of college was that his arm strength on deep balls was lacking...sound familiar?
  5. Raiders Injury Report (via NFL.com) Matt Flynn QB right Elbow Probable Menelik Watson T Knee Out Jared Veldheer T Triceps Out Sio Moore LB Foot Questionable David Ausberry TE Shoulder Out Sebastian Janikowski K right Calf Probable
  6. Hasn't Andrew luck proven that he is coachable? That's an absurd statement.
  7. He is considered by most analysts to be top 10. That's pretty impressive being in the league one year. What parts about his game need to be coached? Just curious...that's an odd statement. Usually statements like that are reserved for 3rd tier quarterbacks. If you say interceptions and completion percentage, those are aspects that are based on scheme.
  8. I have said this before, Kyle j. Rodriguez writes very good articles.
  9. Marvin played at another level that most receivers under 6'0 don't play.
  10. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1760978-how-the-indianapolis-colts-can-overcome-their-offensive-line-woes-this-season
  11. So I know it's early but there are some interesting stats regarding the left side of our line in rushing situations this preseason. When it comes to running the ball behind this poor offensive line, it's all about knowing your strengths. Overall, the Colts struggled to run the ball last season, but there was one bright spot on the OL: Anthony Castonzo. When running behind Castonzo or around the left end, the Colts averaged nearly 4.3 yards per carry last season. When handing the ball off in any other direction, the team averaged less than 3.5 yards per carry, according to Pro Football Focus.
  12. The new role for read option hits on QB will render the read option useless.
  13. And what would it take for you to consider Luck living up to draft status? Most wins by a #1 pick QB in 1st year? Playoffs? Rookie passing record? Led league in come from behind wins? None of that matters... You're a Luck hater, own it. Stop hiding behind your Zach Galifiankis picture and own it. It's ok you're a fan of another team but stop hiding behind the claim you are a colts fan. It's not about an individual player (manning). True fans root on their team.
  14. I died laughing at Packer game last year, by halftime, there were 8 threads up about how colts would be picking #1.
  15. Good point. See Aaron Rodgers last year.
  16. Thats why when Florida gator fans and players do the chomp sign, they are indicating that they are inferior.
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