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  1. Well said. I was tough on the team but never turned it off.
  2. If we lose out, I would.consider this year a loss
  3. I have my doubts about this team down the stretch
  4. This is over, call the dogs off.
  5. Isn't that a moot point since field position changes after every quarter?
  6. Wait, this isn't who would win a pie eating contest?
  7. Most of the greats do it for their respective defenses. Plus, it will cease the nightmare that is Cassius Vaughn on Andre Johnson. I wonder why we haven't done so especially since we play press man a majority of the time.
  8. Misdirections, draws, and pitches. We've seen very few so far.
  9. McGlynn and Satele are tied in my book.
  10. Expect watt lines up in the DT position a lot of the time. Watt vs. mcglynn....yay!!!
  11. You don't know Wade. He's going to blitz every other play.
  12. I heard a rumor that your rumor is not a rumor...oh wait, did I just start a rumor?
  13. First Peyton tribute now this? A very emotional last couple of days...
  14. I meant Ndamukong lol but thanks.
  15. http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1817922-colts-owner-jim-irsay-the-true-winner-in-battle-of-manning-versus-luck All gamesmanship?
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