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  1. Why all the "I'm a better fan than you"? We are all colts fans...knock it off.
  2. Denver...imagine what that would say about the "decision" if we pull it out.?
  3. Redding stop was the bigger factor.
  4. He came up big when we needed it most.
  5. Looked drunk with that shaky coverage
  6. Fire that stupid Assistant WR coach...Wayne is it?
  7. Being disagreeable is more important than your happiness apparently
  8. I think it says a lot about his future plans. Why not hire him when he retires? He knows the playbook and even has the chemistry with players that look up to him. I think he'd be be a great fit on a pagano staff.
  9. Unofficially for rest of season. Good hire ;) http://inagist.com/all/398140516849573888/
  10. I jumped up and down begging grigs to draft Keenan Allen. This forum ripped me up
  11. http://tracking.si.com/2013/11/05/matt-flynn-nnamdi-asomugha-clear-waivers/ Doesn't matter, he cleared waivers
  12. Not surprised...Richie Incognito literally translates to "D#@k in disguise"
  13. Breaking news: Riley Cooper demands trade to the dolphins
  14. Luck hasn't thrown an interception. No sophomore slump.
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