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  1. Damn internet and its allergy to sarcasm.
  2. Buyer? I say we just leave him at a rest stop on the way to Cincinnati.
  3. I work for an investment bank so I was just displacing frustration onto you.
  4. Both got hurt during game (or played hurt)
  5. I want to see them against elite WR talent
  6. Conner has been doing an ok job. He's improved his pass coverage.
  7. The internet has yet to catch up to sarcasm
  8. I know. My comment was in reference to OP as well
  9. What are you talking about? We need a whole new line. You give up pressure, you get released. 5 new starters is what we need.
  10. No way only 6 lineman. Not the way Matthews and Nevis been playing. Tough cuts coming.
  11. Harvey gets cut? Whatver happened to best player makes the team?
  12. I've noticed that preseason needs to end
  13. HshshHejsjshdhrbdjakkaamejfifbbdndjs
  14. I see what you did there.
  15. Do we have a spot for both? With the 4 mlbs, Mathis/Werner, Walden/Sidbury? Maybe no sidbury but 9 linebackers? Hmmm...
  16. Wait, you're not panicking? It's time to panic! Any lineman who gives up pressure on any play doesnt deserve a spot on this roster.
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