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  1. @indywilson40 Colts do have three Pro Bowlers in the secondary. No Vontae Davis though.

  2. Jim Irsay and Chuck Pagano have made it clear over the past month: a fast start for the Colts is a must in 2016 https://t.co/xV3MkdfpPx

    1. MIColtsFan


      0 points in 1st qtr .. have to get the fast start motoring regardless of injuries. 

  3. @indiana_chrenko Could be an injury settlement down the road. The Colts just aren’t in a situation to wait for guys to get healthy.

  4. The Colts 2016 draft picks and cheerleaders here in Kokomo helping relief victims at the American Red Cross shelter https://t.co/8U01kKSsVj

  5. T.J. Green is currently a rookie starting safety in the NFL. However, the Colts still need improvement from Green https://t.co/1gn2XTN1XO

  6. @Grady Wait, is this real? #GradyTokyo2020

  7. @ColtsLuck1292 Still on the normal media schedule. Players and Pagano starting at 10:50 in the morning

  8. @patten1962 If you include Okine in the DL group, I could see that. Depends on Anderson's health for those first four games w/ Jones out

  9. @EmperorDavis I don’t see it. He’s going to warrant big money. Have to look at T.J. Green. You don’t draft a 2nd rounder to be a backup.

  10. RT @ALBookClub: Just a fun #throwbackthursday from last week at the @childrensmuseum. I had a great time. #ALBookClub #indy #read https://t…

  11. @KnowWhatToKnow @HolderStephen Yep

  12. @bpfalvey Haha, I hear you. I’m thrilled not to be work consumed with the draft tonight and can watch it as a fan (granted, no Round 1 pick)

  13. RT @drm_12: First time running routes in a while little rusty but I'm so thankful and blessed to be back. I'm ready to help my brothers @Co…

  14. Small snippet from Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton on @SportsCenter this past Sunday at the #Indy500 https://t.co/3Cp7tDLiEi

  15. Pagano on London game: “We’d love to try to keep thing as normal as possible.” Still looking at when to leave. Mentions possibly Thur. night

  16. This nugget Jim Irsay shared yesterday: Clay Matthews was all but a Colt in 2009. Instead, it was Donald Brown. https://t.co/gqQ4mEHwGT

  17. @MikeWellsNFL See you're in Toronto. Is Granger healthy?

  18. Sifting through the audio from the league meetings: Jim Irsay mentioned (ideally) adding a center and a guard/tackle swing guy in the draft.

  19. @ColtsLuck1292 Usually begins right around this week/time period

  20. RT @ColtsEdwardsC: .@TYHilton13's 4,413 receiving yards in 1st 4 seasons are most by any WR selected third round or later in NFL Draft #Col…

  21. @Kgoony I’m of the belief that finding an impact defender (CB/pass rush) is the right move there.

  22. The offensive line was the popular topic on Wednesday at the #Combine. A look at some possible fits for the Colts: https://t.co/9CDixifEZw

  23. @jdcrouch2 No problem at all. Can’t wait to see what all they do over there.

  24. Last Saturday, Tony Dungy answered Peyton Manning’s call. This weekend, Dungy answered the Hall of Fame’s call https://t.co/njajLnuEh3

  25. With Greg Toler a free agent and D’Joun Smith still a bit of an unknown, who starts opposite Vontae Davis in 2016? https://t.co/O8FzeoDrsV

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