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  1. It would be a different game if he would have scored
  2. I can see him in the slot creating problems for defenses. They will have to put a linebacker or a safety to cover. That will open it up for him across the middle. I see Luck to Dorsett alot this year.
  3. IMO the team still has its core of players. The O line blocking scheme has been changed up. But with the players we have the Colts will win the division. The Texans still do not have a proven QB and their running game has been depleted do to Fosters departure. The Texans D I feel will be more productive then their offense. As for the Jag, they are a couple of players away from being a force to deal with in the division. Bortles has been improving every year. He just needs a reliable target , moreover the Jags defense has some horses to deal with.
  4. I am good with this pick. The Colts have needed a center for a minute. Since Jeff Saturday left not a quaility center has been on the team
  5. I expect Dorsett to be a threat this year in the slot. Just needs to be worked in. His injury last year was a set back.
  6. I believe now that TY is out of the shadow of Reggie he will get more balls. The Colts have a ton of weapons, The players that get all of the press have no weapons. So with that being said get downplaying TY and he will shut all naysayers up. Go Colts
  7. Im still working on mine.
  8. Control the line of scrimmage. Put pressure on Brady, get some hits on him he does not like to be hit.
  9. The Line play was better in the middle with Shipley in there. When the season started Shipley was the center and the line play was better. Keep Shipley in there. Go Colts
  10. I am going to say this again, Newsome reminds me of a young Freeney when he first came into the league he had no moves but speed off of he edge. this kid is looking the same way. Newsome plays with a high motor and does not stop until he play is dead, All i see is an upside to this young man. Go Colts
  11. I feel Shipley played better at center. I did not understand move, the line had a better flow with shipley in there.
  12. Cribbs also plays RB. Good sign, he will be a gap filler.
  13. I hate to say it. But the article is right, I did not see any chemistry from the defense nor the offense. Out of sync is the word, I believe the Colts will right the ship. Go Colts
  14. In my opinion It is because people in Indy have been exposed to Manning for so long. Aaron Rodgers went through the same thing in Green Bay. Luck will break away from all of the naysayers soon enough. Go Colts.
  15. I have been watching this guy for a couple games I like what I'm seeing. Good first step, turns the corner well. He got 2 sacks yesterday and a couple pressures that were close to sacks in the Bengals game. I see big things coming this young man, with some grooming from Mathis the sky is he limit.
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