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  1. Well Williams is a rookie and only like 5 foot 8 and 198 pounds so its not like he is huge. I think Williams will be KR.
  2. I think Mcnary makes it but the other guy Practice Squad.
  3. No he didn't luck didn't even hit 350 yards rushing RG3 had over 800 I think but RG3 is still and will always be overrated.!!!!!!.
  4. Hey the cowboys Defense with mostly 2nd string players starting last year really wasn't that bad so you never know.
  5. Happy for him best of luck to him just not against the Colts. but stay healthy Collie of course.
  6. I know Hugh Thortons injury they said he would be out for a while and they signed a OG yesterday so I hope all will be able to return this season and be productive.
  7. you never know all players have bad games even Jeff Saturday had bad games so they are only Human.
  8. Top 5 if everyone stays healthy if not top 20.
  9. I think walden will start week 1 but by mid-season I expect Werner to take his place.
  10. I think Bradshaw will sooner or later beat out Ballard Hilton may beat out Heyward-bey and I think Werner will beat out Walden.
  11. Do the colts even have Werner the first round pick signed yet the Free agent tracker shows they are looking at another WR if they haven't signed Werner yet then I wonder what there waiting for.
  12. I for one disagree strongly with all that Bull**** because you don't know the colts could come out and just start beating the ******** out of people so until the season is really here im not going to say anything but I think the colts have more talent on their roster than people think. Also I think people saying that the colts are going to miss the playoffs again is bull****.
  13. Cant wait for training camp but i'm more excited for the Regular Season to start.
  14. The pats are screwed man they will really need Brady on top of his game now more than ever. they now have a slight chance to go 8-8.
  15. That is such Bull because the colts were not lucky to win 11 games last year I think 13-3 those two don't know their *** from their elbow.
  16. Well that's Bull**** because I think the colts will be even better than last year so whoever is saying this don't know what the hell they are talking about and need to shut the **** up.
  17. Personally if the 2013 Colts do any worst than 9-7 then I will say they regressed a bit but people saying that doesn't mean************** and just because they were 30th isn't enough to convince me that they are going to go in the wrong direction so I think that is Bull**** I think they will get at least back to 11-5 and I think they could get to 12-4 maybe 13-3.
  18. he is a 4-3 LB but so is Angerer and probably Freeman so whats your point.
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