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  1. Bailey doesn't have the speed or range to be a starter most likely. But he a terrific and aggressive tackler that would have been a very good back up FS, and a special teams standout. Some people were saying 3rd round for him. Getting him in the 5th would have been fine. We absolutely need a CB and S, in this draft for depth. We didn't get a S and we didn't get a CB. Nothing. And when T. Reilly is sitting there in the 7th, we couldn't take him because we already took 2 other linebackers......so we took an OL that probably won't even make the practice squad.
  2. Thing is I would have taken Bailey in the 5th round, because I wouldn't have thought he would have made it to the 6th round. Turns out he made it to the 6th round and 7th too. Our secondary will be the weak link of this team this year. Two injuries and we are dead in the water. Same thing with Richardson, wouldn't think he would get past the 6th round, he slid to UDFA, but should have been around a 4th round pick. Is raw and overweight, but year or two, I would rather bet on him developing than Ulrick. We only had 5 picks, so I was ready to be disappointed in the end, but I am more disappointed than I thought I would be.
  3. 2. Louis Nix NT Notre Dame: should have been the choice in the 2nd round. He had fallen out of late 1st/early 2nd, and would have solidified the NG position along with Chapman. 3. Bashaud Breeland CB Clemson: I felt one more CB was needed on the roster. 5. Deon Bailey S USC: He went undrafted, but he would be a great backup FS, and a great special teams player. I watched the guy for 4 years, he will make an NFL roster for sure. 6. Antonio Richardson T Tennessee: If he can shed 10 pounds, he is a right guard/right tackle prospect that could eventually be starter material. 7. Trevor Reilly OLB Utah State: An absolutely incredible football player. Looked like a man among boys. Can't believe he was there at pick 232. Jets took him right after we picked at 233. He is a natural 6'5" beast. Makes plays behind the line of scrimmage. The steal of the 7th round for the Jets. We could have had him instead of a OL that's not gonna make the team. He is 26 years old. If he was 22 he would have been a 2nd round pick. I think that would have been a better draft than what we actually did. I think we are bottom 5 for sure in this draft.
  4. I think Richardson's skill set is not going to be consistently good, or reliable, at the NFL level. It is unfortunate that Grigs gave a 1st round pick for him. Call a spade a spade. His vision after the handoff is below average. His horizonatal movement once he gets to the line of scrimmage is below average to poor, as his two basic moves to get left or right is to A. jump up with both feet in the air, or B. to spin in the direction he wants to go. Lastly, his explosion thru the hole is average and his toughness is above average. It is really the first two things that doom him as a reliable runner. Great backs have vision right after the handoff of where the hole WILL be, and they then use their feet to shift left or right effortlessly, without having to hop with both feet in the air, or spin. I think Richardson needs the following if he is going to be successful: A. He needs to line up about 1 yard deeper (further back), and get the ball alittle further back then he normally would so he can have an extra step forward while using the marginal vision he has. B. I think he needs some finely tuned cone drills, that get his feet moving better then they do now. He has terrible feet right now, always jumping up instead of shifting and cutting. His feet don't look like a natural running back at this point. The talk of formations, schemes, etc. is complete hog wash. They have tried him as a 1st and 2nd down back, they have tried him as a 3rd down back. He has been in on 1st and 10, and 3rd and 1, and he is not showing any ability to succed in any situation right now as a runner. I am not talking about his blocking ability or catching ability as that isn't the glaring issue right now. I hate to go negative like this, but I am just calling a spade a spade.
  5. There was just 1 spot open on the Practice Squad. We had 7 already (WR D. Rogers, WR G. Whalen, TE J. Cummingham, QB C. Harnish, LB D. Adongo, LB J. McNary, CB S. Price), and with Hughes, now its a full 8.
  6. Yeah, all teams do it a little, some a little more maybe. I don't think the Colts are one of the teams that do it alot. Seatlle is the worst offender, they foul on every single play. You can't have a team have their corners foul that much, because you are changing the outcome of games if you do. Here's my final point, I am in a fog if Seattle fans do any complaining whatsoever about the referees, when the referees allow Seattle corners (not just in this game) to foul receivers on virtually every pass play. Let me put it another way, as it stands now, there is NO OTHER TEAM IN THE NFL that is benefitting more from the referees than Seattle. With the no-calls on their 2 cornerbacks, the referees are aiding Seattle immensely every Sunday. Imagine if the 2 corners where not allowed to molest receivers on every play..........you would be looking at a pretty average defense.
  7. What the Seattle corners are doing isn't "dirty" or "cheating". What they are doing is fouling on almost every single pass play. Aggressive is another word for pushing the envelope between playing tight/physical and committing holding and P.I. The Seattle corners are way past a reasonable threshold. They down right foul receivers on virtually every pass play from scrimmage. The referees have allowed them to play this way, and occansional throw a flag, but they get away with a whole lot of play in which they foul and no flag is thrown. That changes the outcome of games, and does so in a significant way. The NFL needs to look at what Seattle's corners do because it is in-your-face fouls, and they let them play under the umbrella of being physical corners. The are throwing people off their routes, punching to the shoulder way past the 5 yard zone. It is BLATANT AND OBVIOUS. I hope someone at the NFL office understands that this is the kind of stuff that changes the outcome of offensive drives and therefore the outcome of games. Yes, there are other teams that push that envelope in coverage as well, but Seattle's corners are the by far the worse offenders.
  8. This isn't a complaint, and it has nothing to do with if the Colts won or lost. The Seattle corners held arms, tugged on jerseys, punched to the shoulder, impeded forward motion, twisted shoulders all after the first 5 yards, and did this on virtually every passing play the Colts had from scrimmage That can not be allowed. Play physical, but play within the rules. It is not Seattle's fault that they are getting away with murder, it is the fault of the league. They need to throw flags on every play until they stop. If you look at the replays you can not come to any other conclusion other than the Seattle corners foul on virtually every pass play. This is a problem for the NFL, not an issue relating to the Colt's winning or losing this game. You can't molest receivers, and not have a flag thrown.....it changes the outcome of games. Why do you think Seattle was undefeated going into this game. For whatever reason, their corners are allowed to molest on virtually every pass play the opponent tries. That is not good for the game.
  9. I have never seen such willful, deliberate, constant pass interference. Yeah the referees call it sometimes, but those Rain City corners are committing pass interference and/or holding on virtually every play from scrimmage. Then, what is ironic about the whole thing, is that Grey Sky's offense is begging to get a P.I. call on their last drive, when they are in a do-or-die situation. I was willing to watch this game and give Pasty Vegitarian Town's team the benefit of the doubt, with the entire football world already punching them a ticket to the Superbowl. Whether the Colts won or lost, my opinion of the Suicide Capital's team after this game is this......I have never seen two cornerbacks commit more blatant penalties over and over and over, it was plain ridiculous. So its not that their corners are so good, its that they are willing to foul on every play, and are ok if it is called a couple of times. It is pathetic and bad for the NFL to allow corners to molest receivers like this. Maybe they think the receivers have some coffee grounds in their pockets. Its ok, at least they still have those wonderful Green and Blue uniforms, I mean, you just can't beat that color combination. And to think Pete left sunny Southern California, for a pathetic dreadful city like that.
  10. I understand that skills in college are not always transferable to the NFL, but Stanley is very good at making the first guy miss, and as a result can pick up 3 or 4 yards, here and there. He is not just a pure Fullback and that's it. If Brown is ineffective behind TRich, they are going to have to find someone else, and I wouldn't be surprised if they gave Stanley a few more looks, even if he gets the ball on a screen pass, instead of a rush attempt. He is a very talented guy, he started 4 years at USC before the sanctions, and he might surprise some people if given the chance.
  11. As a USC fan, I had the pleasure of watching Stanley Havili play, and let me tell you, Stanley has very underestimated running skills. He can rush the ball from a single back formation, and is light on his feet, and is able to shift easily with those nimble feet, thru the holes and gain positive yardage. Is he the answer to our running back issue? Not really, but he can carry the rock 5 to 8 times a game, and spell TRich, if they choose to use him that way.
  12. No Chapman is not on practice squad. My cut and paste didn't work. I am going to try another format, here goes nothing: TOTAL OFFENSE (25) OL (9) S. Satele, J. Reitz, D. Thomas, A. Castonzo, G. Cherilus, K. Holmes, H. Thornton, J. Linkenbach, B. Sowell (Reitz, Linkenbach, and Sowell make the team after gaining game experience last year) WR (5) R. Wayne, D. Howard Bay, T.Y. Hilton, L. Brazil, L. Sampson (Sampson beats out all other WR's for the 5th WR spot, and can return some kicks) TE (3) D. Allen, C. Fleener, J. Cunningham (Cunningham shows enough to get the nod over Sanders, Sanders goes to practice squad waiting if there is an injury to any other TE) QB (3) A Luck, M. Hasselbeck, C. Harnish (Harrnish may be inactive for some games if they feel they can go into battle with only 2 QB's on game day) RB/FB (5) V. Ballard, A. Bradshaw, S. Havili, D. Brown, K. Williams (I think it is pretty much set, D. Carter is the odd man out, Brown stays because of speed) TOTAL DEFENSE (25) DL (7) A Franklin, J. Chapman, M. Hughes, C. Redding, R.J. Francois, R. Mathews, F. Moala (Nevis is traded for lower draft pick, he doesn't fit the scheme too well) OLB (4) R. Mathis, E. Walden, B. Werner, L. Sidbury (pretty set here, as well as at ILB) ILB (4) K. Conner, J. Freeman, P. Angerer, K. Sheppard CB (5) V. Davis, G. Toler, D. Butler, C. Vaughn, S. Price (Sheldon Price makes team due to size) S (5) A Bethea, L. Landry, J. Lefeged, S. Brown, J. Boyett (Lefeged and Brown, along with Boyett, are going to make a lot special teams tackles) KICKING (3) A Vinatieri, P. McAfee, M. Overton (Overton is a lucky dude, snaps for a living, nobody to really challenge him) PRACTICE SQUAD (8) E. Cleary OT, J. Kelley WR, W. Saunders TE, L. Guy DL, J. Hickman OLB, M. Harvey ILB, J. Gordy CB, B. McManus K ON BUBBLE J. Anderson OG, B. Ijalana OG, D. Carter RB, D. Nevis DE, D. Swanson S
  13. I did my roster analysis and started to trim off the cuts, just in theory of course, what do I know. I then counted new players (draft, Free Agency, and I also considered Josh Chapman "new" because he didn't play at all last year......Fili Moala didn't count as new). My biggest surprise was 45%, nearly half the roster, will be made up of new players. That is incredible, and probably a record percentage of new players for a team that made the playoffs the prior season. I think Grigs is an absolutely incredible and active guy and is building a team with a very solid, unified set of goals, and the whole organization is in sync. And when you have your crap together and a franchise quarterback, it attracts a lot of new guys wanting to play in Indy. Here are my 53 guys I see making the team. Guys in Red are starters, Guys in Blue are Practice Squad and don't count to the 53 man roster (8 practice squad players total). OFFENSE Satele, Samson Reitz, Joe Castonzo, Anthony Wayne, Reggie Allen, Dwayne Luck, Andrew Ballard, Vick Holmes, Khaled Thomas, Donald Cherilus, Gosder Bay, Darius Howard Fleener, Coby Hasselbeck, Matt Havili, Stanley Thornton, Hugh Linkenbach, Jeff Hilton, T.Y. Cummingham, Justice Harnish, Chandler Bradshaw, Ahmad Sowell, Bradley Brazill, LaVon Saunders, Weslye Brown, Donald Cleary, Emmett Sampson, Lanear Williams, Kerwyn Kelley, Jeremy DEFENSE Franklin, Aubrayo Redding, Cory Mathis, Robert Conner, Kavell Davis, Vontae Bethea, Antoine Chapman, Josh Jean Francois, Ricky Walden, Erik Freeman, Jerrell Toler, Greg Landry, LaRon Hughes, Montori Mathews, Ricardo Werner, Bjoern Angerer, Pat Butler, Darius Lefeged, Joe Moala, Fili Sidbury, Lawrence Sheppard, Kelvin Vaughn, Cassius Brown, Sergio Guy, Lawrence Hickman, Justin Harvey, Mario Price, Sheldon Boyett, John Gordy, Josh KICKING GAME Vinatieri, Adam McAfee, Pat Overton, Matt McManus, Brandon Notable exclusions from the roster and practice squad are Anderson, Justin G Ijalana, Ben G Carter, Delone RB Nevis, Drake DE I think a couple of these guys might find themselves on the roster or on injured reserve. We will probably "hide" a couple of players on the IR, if they are not ready to go.
  14. We can definitely keep 5 on the roster. Bethea, Landry, S. Brown, Lefeged, and Boyett. You are assuming there are no injuries, and not all players are going to make it through a 16 game season. Boyett will one day make a great Free Safety, and until then, he will be great on special teams with Brown and Lefeged. The three of them will make a ton of special teams tackles.
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