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  1. All of these players will either get better or get released somewhere down the line, and since all of these players seem to live & breath football i dont see it happening. Werner - Will be molded into a Monster, he seems extremely easy to coach, HE WILL ONLY GET BETTER!!. Thornton - STOUT and knows how to drive his feet, HE WILL ONLY GET BETTER!! Holmes - Also stout, but what he does best is GET TO THE SECOND LEVEL. He moves the man in front of him, secures space, then he's off into the second level looking to drive someone into the dirt. HE WILL ONLY GET BETTER!! Hughes - He is a
  2. I wanna see us pick up DaVonte Christopher and Sheldon Price in free agency too add depth....They both could be possible starters if they show up in Training Camp and during the season
  3. DaVonte Christopher 6-1 200 http://youtu.be/HitVlq6qd9s
  4. Anyone know about Brandon Kaufman WR? Kids a beast
  5. Pick 34 (From SF): DJ Hayden CB Alternate Picks: Robert Alford CB, Margus Hunt DE Pick 74 (From SF): Barrett Jones C Alternate Picks: Jamie Collins OLB, Kyle Long OG Pick 86: Kiko Alonso ILB Alternate Picks: Kyle Long OG, Corey Lemonier OLB/DE Pick 121: Christine Michael RB Alternate Picks: Ray Graham RB, Kenny Stills WR Pick 192: Josh Evans FS Alternate Picks: Duke Williams SS, Earl Wolff SS Pick 230: Cameron Lawrence OLB/ILB Pick 254: Braden Hanson OG
  6. Draft Kiko Alonso, Cameron Lawrence, Josh Evans or Duke Williams....and problem solved
  7. 2. Alvin Bailey or Barrett Jones 3. Trevardo Williams or Logan Ryan 3. Aaron Dobson or Kenny Stills 4. Christine Micheal (I pray we get him, he is the Hardest working running back in the draft, and a great person) 6. Cameron Lawrence (Thanks to Bryancambell33) 7. Josh Evans Some players id like to see us select if that trade is actually made
  8. YES!! HE'S AN ANIMAL......and he's under the radar, hopefully we select him in later rounds
  9. He's a BAMA running back....they are bred to be instant Impacts in the NFL now....Respect that his skill set will best translate to the next level....If he's there we should think about taking him
  10. I think he can do it.....Austin's route running ability and hands are underrated.....Plus he can be used in more ways than Hopkins and Hunter, we will find other players like them
  11. Yup thats exactly what im saying, There will always be another tall and semi fast reciever who can catch a jump ball to draft in the future.....You will never see another Tavon Austin
  12. 1. Keenan Allen WR (I want Tavon Austin tho), Margus Hunt DE (Could have em stand up and play LB in certain packages) 3. Khaseem Greene LB, Logan Ryan DB, or best available Gaurd (even Tyranne Matheiu if he slips by the grace of God himself) 4. Aaron Dobson WR (Only if he slips out of 3rd.....or 2nd if someone has already fallen in love with him), Stedman Bailey WR, Cornelius Washington LB 6. Ray Graham RB, Joshua Evans FS, 7. Mike Mauti LB (Had an injury but i see a true leader in the guy) 7. Some Punter or Gaurd....or SS for depth......who cares tho I think this would fill out our team wi
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