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  1. Like this guy colts need him to start at rg
  2. One of the better all around team we have had in some.
  3. We have been getting run over for the last 10 years about time we got some beef on the line but we still need a monster nt.
  4. One more guard away from a good line.like to see us pick up a big mauler in the draft.
  5. It has to be luck,my man is going to be running the afc south for the next 10 years.
  6. Ballard is a good back,also like carter as well,they both can be better with an improved line but brown is allways hurt need to cut him and draft a back in later rounds or undrafted free agent
  7. We need a good young wr to grow with luck like marv did with peyton,I like taking a big mauling gaurd in the third we r one right gaurd away from having a pretty good line.I know we have nt's but I would like to see a big Gilbert Brown type blob in the middle smashing people.
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