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  1. My answer always is the winner is irrelevant as long as the Patriots lose.
  2. He would never fall low enough to make it worth the Colts getting him. This whole story is local news for me, South Bend TV stations are on the cable and while it is very possible he was a victim of a hoax he should have handled it better. Forget Teo, he'll find a home somewhere else and will excel for someone else.
  3. Living 50 miles east of Chicago we have a mix of Bear and Colts fans and we have one common thread. We all want anyone except New England to win the Super Bowl, this billboard is just another reason why.
  4. I lived in Dallas for 14 years starting at the beginning of the Aikman years but still managed to not be infected with fandom. As for Terry Bradshaw, his inclusion was on ring power, with that many I felt he had to make a list somewhere.
  5. Going way back to the beginning of the pass--Sammy Baugh, The 50s Otto Graham and Bobby Layne The 60s Johnny U and Bart Starr The 70s Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw Wasn't sure of your definition of "old school" so I covered all eras.
  6. "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Don't count them out just yet, looks like a close race.
  7. Yeah but the Dolphins said they were going to cut Brandon Marshall when the Bears offered the draft picks and that worked out pretty good.... http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/18017824/stephen-ross-tells-fan-dolphins-were-cutting-brandon-marshall-anyway
  8. I think the Bears would be a great choice if BA decided to leave. All Cutler needs is a coach calling the right plays and with his arm the Bears will go far. Well that and an O line, a wide receiver, and a tight end....I hate the Bears but if he decides to accept the HC job he richly deserves I hope he goes here.
  9. Sure, a few key O line additions find some help deep and the Colts will seriously contend next year.
  10. Wrong. They weren't underrated either, they got better all season-kinda like the Colts did which leads me to believe both teams will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
  11. I vaguely remember Vader saying something similar but I've already revealed my nerd status and this is a football board so I'll move on.
  12. Overrated, no. Overconfident, yes.
  13. The secondary gave the game away, they depended on Champ Bailey to work alone and it is obvious he couldn't do it. I sure hope the Broncos can afford a few new backs if they want to get a ring. That aside it was the most exciting game this side of a Luck comeback this year!
  14. Nope, the secondary decided to wait for next week. Mannings picks and fumble didn't help but the long bomb tds killed them.
  15. Waiting in the wings for the King to abdicate isn't always a good idea, anyone remember who replaced Tony Dungy?
  16. There is zero chance of taking OC or DC, he will cherry pick whatever job he wants...and get it.
  17. Like Samuel Clemens said, "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." How about he gets a few more years in the NFL first, he just qualified for the pension last year...
  18. Make the 9 point spreads about 5 1/2 and I'm with you.
  19. Anything more about the Bears and Eagles interviewing him?
  20. First it wasn't a hundred million dollar deal, it was an $18 million (still nothing to sneeze at) one year contract and a 4 year contract for the rest pending on passing a March 2013 physical. You mentioned arm strength being the question, the nerve damage from the surgeries were what determined that and no one knew what that was until he started throwing. The Broncos gambled a relatively small amount hoping to win it all, and so far they have but the story won't be finished until March.
  21. Agreed with most points you made but from what I've read Dr. Andrews wasn't as concerned until today, maybe I missed something though. I'm not suggesting the coach should be given a pass but his decision is based on the facts given to him on the sideline and it isn't clear to me if Dr. Andrews suggested sitting out or not. Twenty twenty hindsight is much easier to use when making decisions
  22. The Broncos gambled and won. There was no precedent to read about for returning from multiple neck surgeries, there was no sure bet that he would return to the form he has displayed this year. Most valuable means just that, without Christian Ponder the Vikings and Adrian Peterson crashed to reality. Manning lost his top running back Willis McGahee and it was business as usual, the most valuable player continued to win. I am sorry I inferred any lack of intelligence, I just think you need to open your eyes to the reality of the doubts that existed about Peyton Manning.
  23. All the talk about whether Mike Shanahan was right to allow his quarterback to play. If Coach Shanahan had pulled RG, the fans and talking heads would be screaming instead of how the coach had no faith in his quarterback or how he didn't trust his quarterback to know when he is hurt. Totally a no win situation for the coach and it should not be subject to second guessing like this, especially when the player himself says he wanted to play, wanted to lead his team, and would until he felt the injury warranted attention.
  24. Ravens fans have to come up with something to get their hopes up because everyone else knows the Broncos gonna stampede over those birds....
  25. Great season, next year will be even better!

    1. BrentMc11


      I hope we can do better....tougher schedule....better roster.....better record.

    2. southwest1


      Fix the line, fix the line, fix the line...Did I mention fix the line? Do that subvet & I agree with you 100% my friend. :)

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