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  1. Thats what they said last year with David DeCastro when the Steelers got him at 24....there is hope!
  2. The Colts landed Gosder Cherilus and I'm hoping either Chance Warmack, or Jonathon Cooper is still on the board for the first round pick, if not then get D.J. Fluker. Defensive backs are great but protect the quarterback is the name of the game for now, keep him healthy until he gets enough veteran savvy to let the Colts focus on other positions.
  3. It may not have been down but it was hiding very well.... I tried to logon after work last night about midnight and was told the server for the page wasn't responding but I'm also sure the Illuminati had nothing to do with it, they always leave an ambigram......
  4. I'm out of likes so you get an lol
  5. Seriously, everyone on the winning team gets a ring so I'm sure there are a few non-great players wearing them.
  6. It's all junk anyway, rings are highly desirable but not a qualification for greatness.
  7. Jets. Jags, and Raiders in that order. The Jets suuuuuuuuck.
  8. The two sports in question, baseball and football in their present forms originated in the USA and as no other countries participated in them, the winner here was titled "World Champion." Changing it now would be closing the barn door after the cows get out and if another country wishes to participate they should ante up and form a team to challenge for the title. The World Cup in soccer (called football everywhere but here) is truly a world championship and every team desiring to compete must qualify and compete so bring it on! Baseball has serious competition world wide and would definitel
  9. Basing future performance from the first year record isn't a great idea as PM went 3-13 so if Andrew were to follow the pattern we wouldn't be happy. I'm going to wait and see how he does after this upcoming season and should it be great, I'll apologize to all for my skepticism but IMO it is way too early to make predictions and realistically expect them to happen....but we all can hope!
  10. Has anyone thought to check with Rob Lowe....?
  11. This may be old news to everyone else but I'm watching this and even though Montana/Rice is more popular in the fan vote Manning to Harrison is the #1 combo. I can't argue after watching them all those years.
  12. Thanks for the link, I put it on facebook because he isn't a Colt anymore but he's still got class and style.
  13. Let them, too big a price tag and he may have peaked already.
  14. ....5pm Central time, but thanks for the heads up I set the DVR.
  15. Get some big horses in front of the quarterback first! Yeah it would be great to pick up receivers or d backs but as proven time and again you lose the starting QB and everything else is wasted draft picks while they get "experience."
  16. I looked before posting but didn't see this, sorry
  17. Thank goodness Jim Irsay had the final decision on this one. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/jim-irsay-bill-polian-wanted-trade-peyton-manning-194559209--nfl.html
  18. Kinda shoots down ideas Freeney would end up there,
  19. The only reason I'd like him to go to Atlanta is he wouldn't have many opportunities to introduce Andrew Luck to his way of saying hello....
  20. If Marvin hadn't been followed by another great one like Reggie Wayne he would be a first ballot lock. Many voters may think Manning was the difference (which he was in part) but there were so many truly mind boggling catches Marvin made it is impossible to deny him the honor for long.
  21. I'm happy with anything over 3000 and while I loved last seasons results I wouldn't be looking for records to fall quite yet.
  22. Now that everyone has posted their opinion, I think he'll go to Seattle. Their defense is young, fast, and would benefit immensely from his experience and leadership, give him a 2 or 3 year contract then he'll retire and come back for his one day contract.
  23. I didn't like it when he left, welcome back I'm sure they'll see you around the office a lot....
  24. Should be divided into eras (50s, 60s, etc) because way too many great players from those days got left off in favor of more recent players. The old NFL played a lot harder and rougher so they deserve more credit.
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