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  1. Lots of room for jokes here but I'll just say that how he handles balls off the field doesn't count as much as how he handles ball carriers on the field.
  2. http://fansided.com/2013/05/13/chicago-bears-may-cut-former-first-round-pick-gabe-carimi/
  3. You posted this because you knew it would make all us Colts fans living near Chicago very happy!
  4. Watching the team get better every game as they learn each others play style and how they will work together to become great again.....and they will!
  5. Please, no. The "earworm" it leaves would make us all go completely mad.....bwahahahahaha!
  6. Reggie Wayne is the only lock on the roster, Mathis may get "grandfathered" in but the others considered in this thread will probably be on it in years to come.
  7. Saw this article on yahoo, the 24th pick has been very lucky in the past. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--best-pick-of-the-nfl-draft--try-lucky-no--24-153919920.html
  8. subvet


    From the album: Errata

    The dream car.....
  9. subvet


    Things that catch my eye, hopefully funny, maybe thought provoking.
  10. subvet


    From the album: Errata

    It's how I feel till fall.
  11. Love the Colts Loved Manning as a Colt Love the Colts I'll watch the Broncos play as long as there is no conflict with the Colts game, I hope they play each other in week 8 or 9 like we used the play the Pats. FYI This is only the second year since 1971 the Colts have not played the Pats.
  12. Until someone better comes along anyway.
  13. Manning is getting spanked by Montana....need more votes!!
  14. Because some of the notes I've read have him better suited in the NFL as a Guard instead and if he is still on the board he might be the BPA.
  15. I hope they'll play the Broncos in midseason where they used to put the New England game. The 2013 season is only the second time since 1970 that they didn't play so maybe this will become a regular thing.....
  16. Yeah, B+ so far, the draft may give it a bump though.
  17. I had this on my facebook page last week, living so close to Chicago it was news. I loved it, he went out with style, and a sack of sliders!
  18. A better O line is more important, the right nickname will happen...but not today
  19. Johnny U is way down on votes to Montana but Manning is looking good over his new boss John Elway
  20. Oh great swami, where was this truth foretold???
  21. Total agreement, O line is more critical but also agree BPA is the way to go.
  22. Jeff Saturday for the off season anyway.
  23. I pointed out earlier that last year David DeCastro was predicted to go long before the 24th pick when the Steelers got him. All I'm saying is it can't be ruled out that quality "plug and play" starters will be still available when the Colts get their pick.
  24. Got me, I was ready to get fired up on this one.....good one.
  25. Watching baseball is like watching grass grow, boooring!

    1. MIColtsFan


      I had never been a baseball watcher, but in the recent years it has been growing on me.. the nuiances of the pitch, the head games with the skippers, and I really like baseball pants.

    2. southwest1


      "I really like baseball pants. " Wearing them or watching other athletes moving around in them? Just Kidding MCF! I couldn't resist asking you that. Inquiring minds want to know...HA! HA! Only Teasing! :)

    3. subvet


      Not knowing if MIColtsFan is male or female I chose to delay any reply to the comment....lol

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