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  1. urusai, I also listened to the oldies you mentioned in my youth, I grew up on Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, and the Grateful Dead. My very first concert was in 1966 at the old Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum where I saw the Beatles in their American tour, all I remember of it is lots of screaming and the girls throwing clothing at them and a band playing faintly in the distance.....

  2. I went to see it in 1980 when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor, I literally walked to the Aloha Bowl to see the game. Hawaiians are literally football crazy and there was always a great crowd, however watching recent games that isn't what is happening anymore. Some of the big names don't play and the ones that do don't really play, they just.....play and that's not what people want to see. Yes, drop the Pro Bowl game, continue voting the best players as a "Pro Bowler" because it does have a cachet attached that is desireabble, and give them money to take their families to Hawaii for a week long vacation.

    To me thats a win/win.

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