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  1. Watching baseball is like watching grass grow, boooring!

    1. southwest1


      Actually, grass growing is more exciting. You can create a guessing game as to how many Dandelions, thistles, & how thick the quackgrass roots will be per yard. Baseball just sits there like an anvil waiting to be lifted off your foot before the EMT paramedics arrive to ice your foot to reduce the painful swelling. Can you tell that I dislike baseball. HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!

    2. MAC


      You don't "watch" 162 baseball games the way that you watch a football game. You just absorb it - often while doing other things. It's the soundtrack to spring and summer, not "edge of your seat, ever second counts, emotionally draining must see-tv" like the NFL.

      Although the tension builds as each game goes on, and as the season goes on. Your team mounting a late inning comeback, your closer trying to nail down a victory, a dominant starter in a tight batt...

    3. MAC


      battle - the best of baseball is at least as exciting as any other sport. And since only 13.33% of the teams make the playoffs, every pitch really does count.

      Now b-ball and hockey - my goodness - 53.33%? Wake me up when the playoffs start.

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