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    God, country, family, and Colts football.

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    Husband, father, grandfather, and Navy submarine veteran.

    Born in Indy, Colts fan since they moved there.

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  1. Watching baseball is like watching grass grow, boooring!

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    2. MIColtsFan


      I had never been a baseball watcher, but in the recent years it has been growing on me.. the nuiances of the pitch, the head games with the skippers, and I really like baseball pants.

    3. southwest1


      "I really like baseball pants. " Wearing them or watching other athletes moving around in them? Just Kidding MCF! I couldn't resist asking you that. Inquiring minds want to know...HA! HA! Only Teasing! :)

    4. subvet


      Not knowing if MIColtsFan is male or female I chose to delay any reply to the comment....lol

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