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  1. Math for picks? Vainglorious? Wow, over my head and I used math n big words for my EET and military career. Simple question... Who will b r insignificant this yr? Receiver? Back?
  2. Can't wait for #draft 4-7 tomorrow. Cheap late picks n letem compete.
  3. Complaints about #grigson and #pagano picks? Really? Look what they did for us last year. I think they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Bummer on Haydon gone. Know he almost died, but so did I. That was 7 yrs ago. I'm 52 n outta shape. Still here!
  5. Guess tradin down will depend on how many picks we get for it. Lookin for depth or run stoppin or interception makin starters?
  6. Have we forgotten last yr, folks? Opponent run games r why we weren't 14-2.
  7. We can always use receivers, but we need CBs n run stoppers first.
  8. Yep. DHB gonna shut some critics this yr. He got an awesome QB in Luck. With Reggie and TY also a threat... look out defences!
  9. DHB would be nice. How many yrs now have we lost this game or that because Reggie was the only healthy WR. I don't see a need for a back. Ballard did an awesome job last yr considering an all new offence, coaches and players. Draft for O-line and run-stopping D.
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