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  1. I think it is very possible that we actually land an early free agent or two. Ballard has tried to go after some big name free agents every year, he just wont pay (rightly so) the crazy contracts that it takes in the end. Because of the lower salary cap, maybe some of the contracts do not get as out of control and Ballard ends up with some reasonable deals getting done. So maybe we end up with a Golladay or Dupree, but if not he will still get some good players on fair deals. In Ballard I Trust!
  2. I think we should draft our back up in the 2nd round this year. I think Wentz would respond well to that
  3. The Mono Rover is the exact same thing for about $500.00 its on Amazon.
  4. I don't think either will be on the team, because I think we are going to sign Demarco Murray.
  5. This suprised me a bit, I know alot of people don't care for either player for various reasons. Do you think they get some boos at the ceremony?
  6. Could NY sign Cruz and turn around and trade him right away?
  7. not saying they are who i would want, just who may be available. Cowboys arent trading Dez. Decker could be expendable since they picked up welker. i still think its cruz as I guessed first. ;)
  8. How about one of these; Eric Decker Mike Williams TB Miles Austin Hakeem Nicks Kenny Britt
  9. My guess is that they are looking to trade for a player (WR) that would put us over the cap. So they are trying to work out a way to get under to be able to trade for them. "already past the cap cash' if they take on the player without making another move. or they could be trying to free up cap space to possibly make an offer to say Victor Cruz......
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