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  1. The financial reality is that the Chargers, Raiders, or Vikings are much more viable candidates for relocation than Jacksonville. Jason Cole of YahooSports.com breaks it down pretty well. I don't like the title, but the facts are right on. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=Arj5RbJJPr4XAd3pnb96BPhDubYF?slug=jc-cole_jacksonville_jaguars_new_owner_los_angeles_112911
  2. Another vote for the Chargers' powder blue. Those are sweet!
  3. Some of you people are unbelievable! Hey pacolts - nothing in writing to keep the Jags in Jax? How about a lease that runs through 2029 & a $100 million penalty for breaking it...Until this season, you guys were so spoiled. How quickly you all forget that before Manning came along, the Colts couldn't give tickets away & were in the conversation for moving to L.A. too. I'm glad that GM Gene Smith got an extension. Bill Polian thinks highly of him, if that means anything. We've gone from 28th total defense last year to 4th right now. The Jags just need some guys who don't drop half the b
  4. Yeah. OK. Going into this game, the Jags were the #5 defense in the league, but they're ineffective & confused. Right. One player was confused on this one play. Geez.
  5. That IS a cool Duane Allman photo!!
  6. More like too much Poz and Pot Roast, sprinkle in some Gabbert and you have keys to a victory...Scobee with 4 or 5 field goals might be more accurate. Jaguars defense is playoff caliber. Ranked #5 in the league right now. In the past 5 weeks, the Jags have played the top 4 ranked defenses in the league. The Jags are not gonna blow up in the 2nd half of the season, but they should win this game.
  7. All Robiskie has to be is decent and it would be great. Our WR corp is terrible, obviously. Nobody stepped up. Zach Miller got hurt (again) and is on IR. Even Pro-Bowlers Lewis & Jones-Drew are dropping balls. It's amazing that MJD is having such a great year on the ground.
  8. Garrard had a game with 4 INT's too! That's my point. He'd have a game with a passer rating over 120 & then have a game with a passer rating of 68. He averaged out into the 80's or 90's, but Garrard was always either really good or really bad. The "real starter" they need is Gabbert. And like I said before, if there had been mini-camp & OTA's, he'd probably be the starter now. He'll have a Pro Bowl RB, a Pro Bowl TE & Mike Thomas is a good receiver, but they need more weapons. That's why I said I thought they were a year away from really challenging. But the Jags ought to be compet
  9. Lucky win, my foot. There is no luck in holding CJ2K to only 24 yards. That's solid defense. McCown also made some nice middle throws for 15-20 yards as well. I'm not going gaga, but McCown played well. Like I said the other day, I'm not saying McCown is a world-beater, but he put up the same stats that Garrard often did. You said we lost something in cutting Garrard. I'm saying that they're pretty much the same guy.
  10. McCown played well today. Did what he had to do to get the win. Passer rating over 90, 17 of 24 for 175. Our defense held Chris Johnson to 24 yards. We might end up 4-12, but right now we're 1-0.
  11. 17 of 24 for 175, passer rating over 90. A few key 3rd down conversions. And a win. Sounds just like Garrard.
  12. Sims-Walker's stats for 29 games? Great, but he was on the team for 3 or 4 seasons - that's at least 48 games. And he played in 29. The best ability is AVAILABILITY. Monroe was benched for a couple of games when he was a rookie - that was 2 seasons ago. Meester is old? So is Jeff Saturday. The Jags' O-line is better than the Colts. Only Manning's quick release covered it up. And I'm not saying McCown is a world-beater. I'm saying that replacing one average QB for another doesn't make the Jags a worse team. Because of the 3 post per day rule, this is my last post for the day. I will be at the J
  13. I only have 2 more posts until tomorrow, so I can't go back & forth with you, unfortunately. If McCown hadn't gotten hurt last year, he very well could have taken Garrard's job. Week 2 against the Chargers, Garrard threw 4 picks & got benched. McCown came in, moved the ball, scored some points & then blew out his knee so Garrard had to come back in. Mike Sims-Walker wasn't that great. "your defense is and will always be bad" just goes to show that you don't know what you're talking about. 4 or 5 years ago, the Jags had a top defense. They're gonna build it back up. They got old &am
  14. So a Jaguars team that challenged for the division until the last month of the season last year is suddenly one of the worse teams in the league? Sorry, just don't see it. We had one of the worse defenses in the league last season & still won 8 games. Then we added Pozlusny (can't spell his name)& Sessions at LB to go with Darryl Smith, added Matt Roth at DE, added Landry from the Ravens at safety, added Coleman from the Jets at nickelback...Geez, don't you think the Jags might be a LITTLE better on defense now? For years on this board, Colts fans said Garrard just wasn't that good. No
  15. :jags: Not surprised by the move, but I'm shocked by the timing. We'll see how McCown plays...If he hadn't blown out his knee last season, he very well could have taken Garrard's job last year. Garrard was benched against the Chargers after throwing 4 picks. Garrard had to go back in after McCown tore his ACL after leading the Jags to a score & moved the ball well.
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