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  1. does anyone know who the dolphins got with that secound round pick we traded to them?
  2. you know whats funny is the fans of all the teams that won 4or 5 games the last 2 years are calling for their coaches heads and they might be right. we had 2 great years back to back. it wasnt grigson orluck or pagaon or mathis or any one player that got us there. football is a team sport from the gm to your least valuable player. its pretty funny how nearsighted some fans are. if we dont win the freakin superbowl every year than it was a failed year. sure glad im not a jags fan. theres 31other teams that at least have a chance to make it.
  3. it wasnt just that one call. i remember the announcers talking about at least4 or 5 of them. i lostcount at 8 that i thought might have been.
  4. i was thinking the same exact thing. dont want another 2 and 14 season if luck goes down. i dont know who is in fa next year but i wouldn't mind seeing a solid qb as our backup who lost his starting position because the team around him sucked. it seemed there were quite a few of those this year 2or 3 years in and there coaching staff gives up on them.
  5. all he needs to do is play consistent and hope one of those games he has a monster game. i can see it happening that way. so i say yes to both.
  6. one of my favorite things is the generic uniforms. reminds of the penn state uniforms. theyve been using them so long and like irsay said if it was good enough for unitas then its good for us now. its iconic. theres a lot to be said about a team that wants to come into your stadium and kick your butt then put on a fashion show.
  7. everyone knows the hoosiers suck but I don't care their my team. he not only beat them he steamrolled them. maybe he's not the best qb but he is a great athlete who should look for another position. if he came to us I'd love to have him. everyone that thinks he wouldn't be of use to ths team is entitled to their opinion, my opinion is he has potential to be a good player and an option at qb if the sky starts falling which I hope wouldn't happen also at one time he was being considered for he Heisman don't remember what year it was. a little after that him and the team ran into hard times bad l
  8. I absolutely hated this guy in college. I can't stand michagan being a hoosier and notre dame fan but it was because he is a freakish player and he would always beat the crap out of my teams that I couldn't stand him. any team that couldn't find some use for him woud be a foolish one. if hes still there at the irrelevant spot we would be fools not to take him. I think he will probably gosooner than that. I also wouldn't use as a qb at all although he would make a great 3rd or 4th optionshould it come to that.
  9. yeah def agree with brown as the backup. its a realshame that some fans forget this a team sport. all it takes is one part of the chain to break and the wheel falls off. and that one link might be a quality player. or almost quality. if anything the running game relies on the team as a whole than any other.
  10. he's getting a lot of unfair criticism here. how many times did he get hit behind the line cause our oline was weak throughout his career. I remember quite a few times. I remember he had some pretty good runs last year when he had the kind of blocking that successful running backs get. those only a handful of backs that can still get yards after getting hit in the backfield and they wouldn't be able to do it all the time. imo he's going to have a good not great year probably above average being ballards backup. if we do pick up a stud back I say we still need to keep him and ballard and
  11. I agree with this thread somewhat. I think its going to be awesome to have a great defense. the old saying is also old. I cant give an exact number but I believe plenty of teams that had average defenses meaning nothing flashy or to speak about have won championships. I've always heard its good to have a good running game to win. how many teams have won a championship or gone to one with the worst running game in the league. plenty that I can think of here lately. football is a gamethats constantly changing. what works today might not work tomorrow. having a top defense is one of thos
  12. I disagree with the statement that when we had edge a young manning Harrison wayne and frathis was our best chance to win a superbowl that we missed. I disagree with this thread altogether. the cap will bebigger so if luck gets a big contract then wewill be able to sign others that are not scrubs. I would also like to point out that our first superbowl came after the magic 4 year mark and the second even though we didn't win it came way after that mark and that was by far the best season ive ever seen the colts have since Ive been a fan. by the way both of those superbowls were played with
  13. so if we're talking about 85 million does that mean we have roughly 35million to use on fa and signing our own players. not really surehow that whole thing works. how does that even work if we are almost at cap maximum now or close to it.
  14. you're absolutely right in your thinking hopefully grigson thinks this way too but who knows
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