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  1. so you hate on Love yet want the QB that has been the literal definition of trash at the very same senior bowl practices?
  2. I love and hate draft time lol I get so excited about certain players then I'm so disappointed when we cant get them feel like that's exactly what will happen with Love
  3. yeah 1 year lol nothing in comparison to being terrible for nearly 10 years
  4. we haven't sucked nearly as bad as the 49ers we dont pick top 5 or 10 every year like they did regularly.i mean of course they will eventually get better. our down years we still pick normally 15th or back lol
  5. that's what I'm hoping for plus Jack is from MSU so I'd be double happy!!
  6. they have to pay Henry and RT and they are the ones that declined his 5th year option
  7. Henry needs one after the way he has been playing he is a absolute monster
  8. would love that is a great coach
  9. yeah we should easily be able to get starters at every position of need in the draft since you think we are the only team picking players!!
  10. when the receivers are still getting open and making plays and the QB just misses them hell yeah he needs blamed
  11. yup in the rematch too that's because they all figured JB out and know how to beat him also only beat the titans the 1st time cause we played Mariota same with the jags they played Foles the first game
  12. the titans already have beat them once I hope they win this one too
  13. when the player is the leader of the offense and is pretty bad yeah you blame them for bad seasons
  14. this Frank Reich hate is ridiculous. he did a great job imo with the huge disadvantage he had at QB this year. With a great QB last year he was damn near coach of the year. somehow still barely missed the playoffs with a backup caliber QB this year.
  15. you should have hoped that they signed McDaniels if you wanted Dodds to stay
  16. JB would just not see them when the are open he always does that he is allergic to having a lead lol
  17. I feel bad for the really great players on Hou cause they have BOB as HC lol what a waste
  18. the record doesnt improve the team in anyway we would get smashed at 10-6 or 7-9 who cares we are bad no matter what
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