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  1. The nba does have a salary cap. Most teams go over it but few by much. The difference in payroll is minimal in the nba compared to say the Yankees and Pirates. The deal with the NBA is it only takes a couple great players with max contracts to get together and then put role players around them to win it all. Also in the NBA rookies can have a huge immediate impact. You can get a guy in the first rd that starts and be a big contributor to add to a team that has big contracts and stars. The deal with the NBA is superstars are willing to get together and go where the market is big because they know endorsements will more than make up for what they give up in salary. Lets be real...the Heat's salaries aren't much different than the Pacers as a team...its just some teams have learned to market their cities to players to make up for salary....but SA has done quite well over the years. Orlando made it to the championship...OKC....its just that the top teams stay at the top...more so than the NFL.

    My point is superstars don't wanna play here that's the problem they all want NY LA CHI and Miami even throw in DAL they hit FA but won't come here like you said they take pay cuts and just build stupid super teams and small teams can't compete

  2. I was kinda hoping the Pacers moved Granger to get a player to put them over the top but alas I don't see it happening. I think George is legit but they still don't have the fire power to beat the Heat. They will make a good series of it but they don't have enough scoring. 14mil a season and his knees are an issue...I see him like Tracy Mcgrady after his injuries....I just wish there would have been something worth getting in moving him....now we have what we have.

    And he is out again I wanted to move him too no one is beating the heat tho David stern won't allow it he thinks Lebron is MJ and all he sees is $$$ look at the fake streak they are on

  3. My Red Sox fandom was born out of my Yankees hatred. 2004 bred many a bandwagoner.

    I'm not a big baseball fan too long for me and they never seem to hit anything when I watch its just who can strike out faster lol but I hate Miami and all there bandwagon fans talkin crap about the pacers

  4. The heat are like the Patriots of the NBA. They get one time all-stars to basically play for free...Allen, Lewis. Its kinda rediculous. The NBA has some minor loopholes but MLB where the Yankess, Red Sox, Angels, and Dodgers buy everyone is way worse.

    Also forgot the most bandwagon fans in there respected sports haha

  5. EXACTLY! Ever since the hard cap came into play, the cowboys haven't won anything since. Nowadays, in the nfl, you try to make a dream team and you're setting yourself up for cap heck. In the NBA, you become champions for the next 10 years (heat)

    Thank you I agree totally plus I'm a HUGE Pacers fan and I've seen my team ripped off enough I'm tired of it

  6. I know this is off topic but I love the way the nfl has set up the free agency financially. With all the rules in place, it's basically fair game. You don't see big market teams buying players left and right, small market teams not being able to sign people. None of that, just well managed teams spending money well and mismanaged teams doing what they usually do.

    I agree it's not like the NBA where small markets get ripped off

  7. It shows that he isn't the QB many people think he is. Add in the sorry completion percentage and one of the NFL's worst QB ratings and you do not have a recipe for a franchise QB. He may turn this around but it is a concern. Right now he is behind RGIII and Wilson in the battle of 2012 Rookie QBs.

    Pal you are in the wrong teams forum to be spouting stuff like that out luck is amazing he had the worst o line plz go talk with fans of another team for starters go on over to the skins or Seahawks

  8. Grigson told Mike Chappell in an interview that Hilton has put on 10 pounds of muscle since the season ended. My point is though, that everybody and their brother thinks TY is too small to be a #2 WR, so why on Earth would we draft a guy that is even smaller. Hilton, Brazill, Palmer, Sambrano, and Whalen already on the roster and all are smaller WR's, no chance we add another one that's smaller than all of them.

    Agreed! Plus Andrew needs a big strong WR to throw to someone who will go up strong and rip the ball down

  9. Click on your user name, then on your profile page mouse over your current avatar and the word change will show up. Click on change and then upload a picture/avatar. It has to be a certain size or it won't work.

    See I'm on my iPod so idk if I can I may need to get on my laptop for it to work

  10. Teams with an above average need for a good receiver Buffalo, San Diego, Carolina, St Louis, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota but most of these teas have other more important needs which will force them to take WRs later in the draft. Buffalo needs a QB, SD needs improvement in their line(DL and OL), Carolina needs a DT, Pitt needs pretty much an upgrade in every defensive position, and the Vikings need a DT as well or even a corner but also a receiver. The only team with a desperate need for a receiver are the rams but even then that leaves 2 other good prospects for us and the Vikings..

    I believe BUF might take Geno and I agree that other teams should if there smart get other needs but never know some teams make some really bad decisions

  11. I don't know, I can't see Miami going WR in the 1st rd. after they just re-signed Hartline and added Wallace too. Who know's though, it's just to hard to predict what these teams will do. If we go WR in the 1st, I have no doubt that we could get one of the top guys.

    It's because the mock was before FA opened that's why lol just seen it

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