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  1. That's wat I wanna know there is always someone that knows something but this deal has been so secretive it's odd
  2. Oh Ik for sure he thinks way to big on things he thought the vontae trade was a blockbuster
  3. Plz not Floyd he is already 31 and not that great
  4. I really like this DX guy I had no clue about him till I was on this forum but he looks awesome!!
  5. Yeah that's true I just think Ryan is a back up lol
  6. My point is superstars don't wanna play here that's the problem they all want NY LA CHI and Miami even throw in DAL they hit FA but won't come here like you said they take pay cuts and just build stupid super teams and small teams can't compete
  7. And he is out again I wanted to move him too no one is beating the heat tho David stern won't allow it he thinks Lebron is MJ and all he sees is $$$ look at the fake streak they are on
  8. I'm not a big baseball fan too long for me and they never seem to hit anything when I watch its just who can strike out faster lol but I hate Miami and all there bandwagon fans talkin crap about the pacers
  9. Also forgot the most bandwagon fans in there respected sports
  10. Thank you I agree totally plus I'm a HUGE Pacers fan and I've seen my team ripped off enough I'm tired of it
  11. I agree it's not like the NBA where small markets get ripped off
  12. Not really sure why any colts fan would talk about luck in a negative way but in new here idk much
  13. Nope not last year he will this coming year also luck didn't run a baby offense like rg3 and Wilson they aren't even in his class
  14. Pal you are in the wrong teams forum to be spouting stuff like that out luck is amazing he had the worst o line plz go talk with fans of another team for starters go on over to the skins or Seahawks
  15. I have absolutely no clue ho to do any of the things ppl do like this I only know and those I got on accident lol
  16. Agreed! Plus Andrew needs a big strong WR to throw to someone who will go up strong and rip the ball down
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