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  1. he literally finished the season as a top QB what more do you want? you want a terrible QB take JB then come talk to me again
  2. its seriously crazy lol the dude was a top QB last year no doubt about it yet they want him gone I cant understand it one bit
  3. fans of both the franchise's Kirk has played for have treated him like crap when all he does is beat out people that everyone claimed was better than him or won them games to being an MVP candidate this year with his great play and stats its actually weird lol
  4. I think so I think if given a shot with our line and coaching he could be pretty good hopefully he sticks around and learns as much as he can from Rivers this year. I'm not real high on the mid round QBs this draft
  5. exactly!! the dude would absolutely kill it here with our line!!! I can only dream
  6. kirk has always been a good QB he gets so much crap its unreal your line is trash and if he could ever play behind a line worthwhile he would continously be an MVP candidate he was this past year so I will never understand the hate by most people its laughable honestly
  7. please I'd give up rivers and JB
  8. I just wanna know what the plan is at QB I'm worried still lol hopefully its something good to come!
  9. now if we can package our 2nds to move into the 1st again for a QB I'm totally happy if bot I'm gonna be pretty bummed
  10. our fans seem to think rookie QBs have to sit a year or they are automatically gonna be terrible lol
  11. I'd welcome him with open arms I've always been a huge Berry fan!!
  12. exactly after the all star break I see us really playing good and becoming a playoff threat
  13. the bucks are pretty good they just are not as good as say the lebron Heat or Cavs teams
  14. it's one of the easiest roads they have ever faced imo usually there is some super superior team in our way it really isn't like that for once all the really great teams happen to be out west
  15. there is only one team imo that can truly beat us that's Milwaukee the rest are not more talented to me
  16. that's my point it gets old seeing everyone on here telling others what Ballard will do when reality is unless they are Ballard they have no clue what's gonna happen. as others have said we have never seen Ballard need a QB so we dont know how he will act on that
  17. in other words he actually has no idea whatsoever
  18. our fans seem to have forgotten what the value of a QB actually is
  19. Love Herbert Tua Brown Kinlaw and all top OT and CB prospects better be gone before this is even considered imo
  20. yeah I'd love to waste the 13th pick on a WR that will not be utilized by our terrible QB
  21. so you hate on Love yet want the QB that has been the literal definition of trash at the very same senior bowl practices?
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