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  1. 3 hours ago, BleedBlue4Shoe86 said:

    But Love isn’t unanimously a 1st rounder. He is a very polarizing pick. Everyone seems to say that 2019 didn’t matter. But he still

    made horrible decisions and bad passes. He did throw all those picks. He did get busted for pot the week before his bowl game. If you are gonna trash a prospect like Morgan and say he looked horrible last year, then you have to do the same for Love. Reason why he is dropping. 

    Also, Morgan had a much better 2018 and no one mentions that. If you are on the Love train it is because his potential and his big arm. He COULD BE the next Mahomes, but he COULD ALSO BE the next Jamarcus Russell.

    It seems to me everyone is trashing every other QB because they only want Love. 

    I said borderline 1st rounder and even if he isn't he is still a 2md rounder Morgan is like a 5th or 6th round project. its gonna be this way every year til the end of time people like higher rated players no matter what

  2. 23 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

    Exactly!! It’s a cheap way to add picks. Doesn’t often work out but even if 2 hit, that’s a positive gain. 

    It’s quite possible that TB wanted more than a 4th or CB wasn’t willing to part with a 4th? We don’t know. It’s quite possible, CB didn’t like all of Howard’s game too. 

    I tell you what, I’d take a Pittman jr and Claypool back to back picks if an OT if worth isn’t there at 34. If we had to grab one of these two and hope the other guy falls to 3rd round pick, which player stands the best chance of being there for our 3rd round spot? 

    I absolutely hope this is what happens. I hope they all ball out because 1. We will do well in 2020 and 2. We have cap space to pick and choose who we want to sign and 3. We gain comp picks galore if they all sign big contracts elsewhere for 2021 and we can start packaging to move into a high 1st rd pick (franchise QB???)

    my fear is they ball out on 1 year deal we extend them and then they become Desir. 

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  3. Just now, NewColtsFan said:




    In the GM world,  the scenario you described as better known as.....     WIN!-WIN!!


    That's why GM's mostly love 1-year prove it deals.


    It would be great for this year but with our really great young players coming up for big extensions it will be sad to lose other players after they play great after a 1 year deal and we can't afford all of them thus creating possibly many holes thats a worry for me 

  4. still think WR should be a top priority in the draft I don't have much faith in Pascal Johnson or Dulin being more than decent depth.


    TY is getting older the rest are either decent depth or serious projects get someone to be a serious threat for years to come i feel the same about TE even after the Burton deal 

  5. 3 hours ago, BleedBlue4Shoe86 said:

    I guess what confuses me is that a lot of people on here make every excuse under the sun for Jordan Love but no other QB in this class is allowed to have any excuses or be allowed to develop. 

    probably cause one is a borderline 1st rounder the other is talked about as a 6th rounder might have just a lil something to do with that but idk

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