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  1. I think he has more than enough talent to be a ball hawking stud if we would just use him as a single high safety and stop utilizing him wrong he isn't gonna be a game changer in our boring Tampa 2 we need to make changes and modify our D if we want to get the most out of Malik
  2. we should just trade him to Seattle and let Pete Carroll turn him into the next Earl Thomas
  3. I honestly don't believe they are true rumors either and I hope they aren't but unless we get our head out of our butt and play him the right way he will be gone either by being cut traded or he will just leave to go somewhere he will be utilized better and I wouldn't blame him one bit either
  4. he knew when he drafted Hooker he was gonna can Pagano so I don't get this at all. if you weren't planning on playing a scheme to benefit Hooker why the heck did he waste the guys time should have drafted someone to better fit his outdated Tampa 2.
  5. me either the guy is ultra talented we just refuse to use him the right damn way for some dumb reason
  6. except he is.... and has been highly regarded as being avoided by opposing QBs why on earth wouldn't you wanna keep one of the best Linebackers and a top safety instead of one or the other
  7. reading this thread makes me feel like our fans don't want any top talent on defense. one guy has suggested trading our best player and probably one of the best linebackers in the whole league and others have suggested our top Safety... let's just go back to having no one worth a crap on defense and see how you all like that
  8. stop throwing hooker into every trade he shouldn't be traded end of story
  9. well his dad was here for our super bowl run why not get his son here as well lol I still want Pittman the most tho
  10. I seriously hope we give Kelly a fair chance if drafting a QB in the 3rd or 4th is our plan for our future QB the mid and late round QBs in this draft dont impress me at all
  11. yeah well dont give me hope lol cause I would be doing backflips down the street if we got Kirk on the Colts!!!
  12. lol I know right?! like a team accomplishment can somehow determine how great you are personally!
  13. just cause pat and lamar had unheard of seasons doesn't make what Kirk did useless lol
  14. no but being an MVP candidate is what gets you paid as a player and that's what your biggest problem is with him. the guy has good stats so obviously the team knew they needed to pony up you dont get a player playing at MVP level for cheap unless by some miracle it's a rookie
  15. why are you so upset that people are having a discussion about cousins? we arent gonna make a separate topic to just talk about him when we are all here lol
  16. when was Teddy or Keenum ever a top QB and an MVP candidate? I mean I have always liked Teddy as well but the guy couldnt hold Kirk's jock
  17. I mean when you are used to trash that costs peanuts at QB its probably pretty shocking when you have to pony up for one that is actually good
  18. then why on earth would you be complaining so hard over a top QB last season who has been pretty damn good statistically since becoming a starter on 2 bad franchises?
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