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  1. If we don't have massive intrest in Collins at UDFA money ill be even more * off then I was with the Dorsett pick. You are literally getting a 1st round talent for peanuts. If you haven't noticed yet there Grigson our O line isn't really a strong suit on the team.
  2. Damn Right!!!! Well said Valpo.
  3. Put it this way if Grigson has any bit of a brain we should be the team that wants him the most. Our RT is old and has a degenerative knee. We're honestly the team that needs him the most IMO I believe he could replace Cherilus this year hell we could even cut him
  4. yeah I could easily see Grigson not thinking he's good. His evaluation of talent on the o line and D blows
  5. I bet he don't look at Collins either
  6. I don't think it's more forgivable cause like you said we could have got Anderson and Geathers while also adding a LB in Kendricks or OL
  7. no I'm just saying no matter how Dorsett turns out it will always be a dumb pick cause of how bad our D was and already having talent at the WR position
  8. If his name is cleared Grigson will still prolly ignore him. Even with our RT having a degenerative knee.
  9. Ok let me rephrase that were ignoring all the difference making D players. it don't matter how many serviceable players we draft and sign you need play makers and great players on D. You also need talented youth witch we seem to be ignoring. Our D is made up of average and back up players or old guys on the decline. Then in FA and the draft we replace the people we lose with people of the same caliber or worse.
  10. that's cause we got great QBs in Manning and Luck.Having them we build elite offenses around them and ignore the D we did it with Manning and were going the same path with Luck.
  11. I'm just saying I don't like it. I'm not trying to make anyone take my side. I just don't like it I will hope for him to be good but I won't ever like the pick no matter what he turns out to be. I've said many times I have no problem with Dorsett as a player I wish him the best it's not his fault Grigson drafted him.
  12. But me and the others that hated this pick can't?
  13. it was stupid and most here prolly know it but they wanna complain about people complaint about the pick cause I guess were supposed to love everything Grigson does no matter how dumb it is
  14. whatever you wanna think to justify taking a WR in the first
  15. ok well let me put it this way. You don't draft a WR in the first when one of the deepest positons in the draft is WR. And your offense is top 5 in the league ll season.
  16. you are right but that kind of logic isn't being used around here
  17. you are right When your offense is top in the league you have no reason to draft a WR in the 1st round
  18. well if you guys are picking somewhat high next season you could get Hackenburg or however you spell it lol O'brians old QB from PSU
  19. So what's the word on him can he re enter the draft or not next year? If he isn't then as soon as his name clears you sign him!!!
  20. In a way tho I feel sorry for Pagano he can only do so much with the stupid picks and crappy old FAs that Grigs gives him. His coaching can't just make bad players good if a player is bad he's just a bad player.
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